Sleepy Voodoo hand Oranjie semi final place

Posted by Chris Golding on Apr 18 2004 at 05:00PM PDT
SIFL CUP QF: Big Bamboo Voodoo 1 Oranjie 3 Big Bamboo Voodoo have won the Hebiguchi Cup but now apart from the SIFL CT Trophy, their season has been extinguished by the highly spirited and triangular diamond passing of the "on their day" 'total' Dutch. It appeared that Voodoo still had a 'champagne hangover' from their remarkable victory two weeks ago and didn’t perform for most of the game against a side out for revenge and with a chance to win some silver themselves. Voodoo were under attack and couldn’t seem to string two passes together straight from the whistle and throughout the first half. By some luck, two chances fell to the Malaysian Yap only to see his efforts sail wide. The whole spine of the voodoo team was largely ineffective. The imposing Lister was not able to establish any creative impact due to the man marking duty he was asked to perform. Hal Stockley, who has made a significant impact with the Voodoo side, had obviously returned too early from his stomach bug and struggled to play to the high standards he has set himself and big Suchy struggled with an injured right knee until halftime. These factors had the effect of unsettling the balance of the side and it simply did not perform like clockwork. It was no surprise that the Dutch took the lead after a sustained spell of pressure, just before half time. Some half time changes gave Voodoo renewed enthusiasm. It now appeared as if we were starting to see the game we had expected. Voodoo were starting to get in to the game when a through ball, half way inside the Dutch half was anticipated by Jamie Conello and after a couple of strides met the bouncing ball on the volley, leaving Oranjie keeper stranded as the fanasty shot found its target. 1:1 Voodoo kept up the pressure. Golding, playing right back after a long injury spell, had advanced in to the Dutch half to win a thundering tackle from the oranjie left midfielder. Although his timing appeared to be perfect and he came away with the ball to start a threatening run towards the Dutch box, the referee controversially judged the tackle to be unfair and gave the Dutch a free kick. As the Voodoo defence were organising themselves, a long free kick in to the box was met by an Oranjie striker who ran between two defenders and slotted the ball home. Although Voodoo had only performed in the second half, this appeared to turn the face of the game and gave Voodoo another mountain to climb. As they desperately pushed for an equaliser, the were caught once again at the back and a glancing header from Wytze which Sebastian would routinely collect for breakfast, bounced unkindly as he went to ground, changed direction and floated over him in to the goal. Whilst the scoreline was flattering to Oranjie, they deserved the result and Voodoo didn’t do enough in the 90 minutes to continue their silver quests. "They didn’t really play today,” said Orangie playmaker Wytze "I cant believe it, But we owed them one anyway!" Howard was unavailable for comment. With only a pride league position to play for and the token CT Trophy, this is an opportunity for Voodoo to start their preparations for next season. With Capes, Stockley and Watson moving on, Howard has the opportunity to groom his new coaching staff to improve the team's consistency next year. However,in only their second season and first under the new collective Management, Howard should be proud to have guided Voodoo to become only the third team name engraved on the League Cup other the Shooters and Lions.


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