15 May Match Preview: Bamboo V Japan

Posted by Chris Golding on May 10 2004 at 05:00PM PDT
Big Bamboo Voodoo FC v Japan FC Can Bamboo halt the slide or will Japan repeat their earlier season victory? Apart from the remarkable Cup win against the Shooters, the Bamboo haven't been able to maintain anywhere near the same level of team focus or play making strategies. Except for the Cup final victory, the Bamboo’s last results are far from impressive; French 0-0, 9-man Latino's 1-1, Oranjie 1-3 and Azzurri 1-2 losses. With the summer departing of Sean Capes and Steve Watson as well as the earlier season retirement of club senior Chris Hughes, Rick Howard has the opportunity to use the last remaining games to introduce a new line up of coaching and back room staff, should he choose, with the aim of changing weekly fortunes, improving consistency and preparing for next year’s assault. That be said, its still been a great achievement to lift some SIFL silverware in only the clubs second year (first year as Big Bamboo), which had much to do with the current management tier. However, to progress next season, any new steps taken now would be seen positively and gives the club a chance to be better prepared from the first game of next season and hopefully provide a better springboard to regularly improve their results. It is said that 'if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always got'. With this in mind, it could be another frustrating day for the Voodoo fans. Voodoo has the potential to be a championship challenging side. Its just a question of whether they, as a team, want to work on the finer details that win more games consistently or continue with a 'knees up’ attitude of running and chasing. Football is more than just heart. Its about players using heads, understanding individual roles and team strategies to manufacture results not just grasp at them desperately. The great Keith Blunt, coach to Beckham and Owen as youths, once said, “its just not good enough running your legs off on the pitch. Every player needs to know where their running to!!” It would be great to see some nano changes and application from everyone over the remaining weeks to prove that they can really achieve new heights in 2004/5 as well as finishing this years league programme on a high. The ball, as they say, is in their hands. Whatever way it goes, its never a dull moment with the boys from the Big Bamboo!!


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