Les Bleus outplayed but Voodoo lose the Goal

Posted by Chris Golding on Mar 27 2005 at 04:00PM PST
SIFL Cup - Big Bamboo Voodoo 0 Les Blues 1 (AET) Big Bamboo controlled most of this thrilling cup game. Overall, we looked solid in defence and midfield but couldnt quite finish things off around goal. We were hungry for the ball, won most of the tackles and played passes around better than we have for a while. Mark Suchy showed why he could possibly make this years SIFL dream team and was immense at the back. He led a defence with Ben, Gavin and Jules which looked controlled and defiant for 98 minutes and stood firm around our stand in keeper, Chris Kinkaid, who kept goal intelligently. Doug had argueably his best game for the Voodoo leading the right side of midfield which battled intensly with their French counter parts and although midfield was over ran at times, our 4 against 5 covered the ground evenly. Returnee, Jamie Connell looked lively and bright up front bringing the midfield in to the game, more often than his natural game sometimes dictates, with some good lay offs. This was one day I would have loved to see him take on the French sweeper more often, one to one, as the cracks were begining to show. However, It was difficult to see how we could tip the scales. Perhaps we could have kept the midfield partnerships fresher as the game worn on? Perhaps we could have pressured the sweeper more often and earlier than we did? With Les Bleus hitting the woodwork a few times, a couple of great Voodoo chances and possible penalties in both boxes, this was a real cup game. Ultimately, Les Bleus stole the glory with a long range hopeful effort that paid off. All said and done, this was a great performance improvement. Some good signs and positives to build upon. The remaining games of the season provide an opportunity to build for the closing season tournament and for next season. Some subtle tweaking and coaching from here could make the Voodoo very dangerous. Goal - Chris Kinkaid (Shirts) Defence - Jules, Gavin, Suchy, Ben Mifield - Matt/Doug, Sutty, (Jason), Dick, Mats/Mat Attack - Jason, Andre, Jon, Wes, Jamie, Subs Used - Chris (Goldie) Subs not used (special thanks) - Igor, Samir Manager - Rick Howard (injured) Chris Golding


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