Yanks Shut Out in Opener

Posted by craig mitchell on Mar 11 2012 at 05:00PM PDT

Yanks Shut Out in Opener

The AAA Yankees of Roseville West Little League had a rough start to the season tonight, against the Tigers. The Tigers pitchers pitched an outstanding game holding the Mighty Bombers to one hit. The Yankees pitchers; Kyle (The Great Santini)  Santin, and Parker (The Real Deal) True, threw magnificently but fell victim to a shaky defense, that  at times looked like it was playing with stone tools insted of leather. The  Yankees will have to play much better if they expect to have a winning season. The boys in pinstripes will have to bounce back agaist an outstanding Padre team on Saturday if they are going to get in the win column. 

Yanks fall to  0-1 with a 0-7 loss.

 The Yankee organization would like to thank team Captain: Parker (The Real Deal) True; Player of the game, for an outstanding performance in game one.



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