2012 AAA Yankees

Posted by Jason Thomson on May 04 2019 at 05:00PM PDT

Wecome to the Home of the 2012 AAA Yankees!

 From left to Right: Ramon (Mad Dog) Esparza III, Andrei (The Big Cat) Buado, Terrence (T- Bone) Berg, Jake (The Snake) Peralta, Zach (Scooter) Berry, Spencer (The Roadrunner) Floyd, Nick(One Eye Willy) Lake, Parker (The Real Deal) True, Jackson (AJAX) Shedd, Kyle (The Great Santini) Santin, Hayden ("H" Stands for Hammer) Mitchell, Ryan (Pocket Rhino) Sancedo

 Coaches: Don Peralta, Brant Santin, Danimal Sancedo, Craig Mitchell, J.B. True, Ramon Esparza II 



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