Coach Haynes Post Tournament Comments

Posted by Frederick Chan on Apr 13 2003 at 05:00PM PDT
I just wanted to take time to thank Bob, Jack, Tim, Scott, Ken and all the kids and parents for their participation this past weekend. As you can tell, we played this tournament very hard meaning that some kids saw limited playing time and/or were used in certain situations. Let me reiterate the message which has been handed down to me regarding the types of tournaments we play in and the way I am to play them. Enter the hardest tournaments (within reason) which I can, play them as hard as possible, and uphold the long standing winning tradition of Kyle Chapman. All of this is in preparation for the "zone tournament" which we are to host in late July. I have explained this to the kids and they all seemed to take it very well and seem excited at the prospect of being in the big dance. I believe that being positive but honest with the kids is the best policy. I have found that they trust me because I don't make false promises. Needless to say, while I don't like to get all caught up in statistics, our rankings with the USSSA people (the sanctioning body which promotes these tournaments) had gone roughly from #35 to #8 as of Saturday night. I am very pleased with the kids which were selected by the coaches and would make exactly the same choices if I had to do it again. I will try to schedule a couple of practice games next Sunday and will be emailing everyone soon regarding team finances. Thanks to the parents for bringing everyone to the pregame batting practice at such early hours on the weekend and being so supportive. Coach Glenn


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