Bake Sale SOP and Fundraising Dates

Posted by Shanell Wilson on Feb 26 2017 at 04:00PM PST






     Four Operating Shifts:   8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., 10:00a.m. to 1 p.m., and 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. 


     In order to project how many people will participate/volunteer at the bake sale and to ensure all of our shifts are covered; parents will be required to sign-up for one of the bake sale shifts.


     Sign-up for bake sales will begin two weeks prior to the bakesale and will close the Thursday prior to the bake sale.  Participating families will be required to sign up for any available time slot.  The sign-up sheet is broken up into three shifts but we may have to do some adjustments to make sure that all shifts are covered.  If adjustments are made the affected families will be notified.



     All Coaches, Athletes and Parents must wear Team Shirts at the bake sale.  If you do not have a team shirt please contact Team Administration or Fundraising Chair for assistance.


     We would like to have 4 families per shift for each table (max of 10 people per table).  Parents must be on the same shift as their athlete – age does not matter. 


     Participating families must bring bake goods.  Families not participating in back sale are encouraged to bring bake goods, however, your donations will not count towards your hours of fundraisers. 

     If families that have not signed up for the bake sale show up and the required number of personnel are there for the bake sale, the unscheduled family will not receive credit for that bake sale if they choose to stay. 


     All will be expected to promote Team Spirit.  Represent our team very well; show a positive reflective spirit.  Athletes should be delightful and cordial when approaching patrons. Do not stand in doorways or harass patrons for donations.


     Dress appropriately. No hanging or sagging pants, cell phones, horse playing, leaning or sitting on walls, sidewalks or trashcans.   


     All participants in the bake sale must abide by the Five Hills Bake Sales rules.  This includes personnel that are not on the Five Hills Team.  Any participants that break bake sale rules will be asked to leave the bake sale.


     If any child is determined to be disruptive to the team cause and are not corrected by the parents, the child & parent will be excused from the bake sale. 


     If athletes/parents are not productive at the Bake Sales; Coaches and Board members have the authority to ask them to leave. They will not get credit for fund raiser if they are dismissed.  



     The Finance Committee (FC) will select the parents to count the donated monies.   Monies will be counted every hour on the hour and reported to Heas Coach, TM, TMA, CK and FC. The funds from each door will be brought to the Finance Committee (FC) person who will be announced at the start of the bake sale and shifts.


     Coaches do not touch money during bake sale unless they are the only one available at the back sale.


     Athletes will not count money; if given money, the athletes will immediately bring money to adults monitoring the table. Be on guard; athletes approaching patrons wanting to give donations from their vehicle will be accompanied by an adult. Parents/Athletes will not go into the parking lot to ask for donations.


     Athletes, Coaches or Parents will not carry containers for soliciting funds from the patrons.


     Athletes will not touch food or give food items to patrons.


      At the conclusion of the Bake Sale, all participating families will receive test sharing the total earnings from the bake sale within two (2) hours. 



         Speak in one voice; if patrons desire to have their children join the Five Hills. Take their name and number down and provide the inquiring family with a Flyer or Registration Form.  




Date                               Location                                                           Donation Yielded


February 2 - 7, 2017      Buffalo Wild Wings                                          $221.00


February 4, 2017            Killeen and Copperas Wal Mart                        $2380.00


February 25, 2017          Killeen Wal Mart Clear Creek                           $1208.00


March 4, 2017                 Chipotle Fort Hood


March 18, 2017               Fort Hood Comissaries                       

                                       (Clear Creek/Warrior Way)


March 18, 2017               Apple Bees Pancakes Breakfast



March 25, 2017              Copperas Cove Wal Mart


April 1, 2017                   Killeen Lowe Wal Mart


April 8, 2017                   Harker Heights Wal Mart


May 6, 2017                    Harker Heights Wal Mart


June 3, 2017                   Copperas Cove Wal Mart 


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