Coach Derby helped me be a State Champion

Posted by Dirk Knudsen on Jul 05 2009 at 05:00PM PDT

"The Derby Camp was a great experience and taught me how to play on the Offensive line. Brian Derby taught me what it meant to work hard, have good technique, and to be a good person. As a result, I was a starter all 4 years of football, team captain my senior year, and received the Outstanding Summer Athlete for my football team my senior year. I also received the offensive MVP award for my team, and I can thank Brian Derby and his team of coaches for these accomplishments! In addition, I received area and state recognition. The best part is that I was able to help my team come from a 23 game losing streak, and considered the doormats of Idaho, to the Idaho State Champions in one year! Part of the reason I could help my team was because I was taught and understand the techniques of playing on the line and was able to help my fellow linemen improve on the line. Our team’s offense was dependent on the offensive line performing, which we did! We were not the usual unsung heroes of our State Championship team—linemen finally got the recognition they deserve!!!! So much for the Quarterbacks, running backs, etc. being the only skilled players on the field! I would highly recommend the Brian Derby Football camp—those attending will never be sorry! Aloha Coach Derby and Coach Mike!!! "


Tom Rice, Jr.

Hillcrest High School 



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