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2014 Week 5

Posted by Jerry Randolph at Sep 19, 2014 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Vikings vs Fairborn

The Vikings hosted the Fairborn Skyhawks in their first GWOC south league play of the season . The starting line up was : Roark in goal, Maxwell, Dales, McCoy, and Zech on Defense, Eshbaugh, Affini, Schacherer, Cardenas, and Bussard at midfield , and Schenck at forward.

    The Vikings got off to a quick start moving the ball around and playing at a fast pace . Dales found the net first with a nice shot from his left back position after  a cross from Schenck. The Vikings were playing very well keeping possession and creating scoring chances. Roark  did not have a lot to do in the first half but had 5 nice saves . Schenck  struck next heading the ball into the side net off a cross from Bussard. Just 4 minutes later Schenck returned the favor and put a nice pass to Bussard and he finished nicely. Schenck found the net just 40 seconds later on a very nice through pass from Garland . The halftime score was 4-0 and the Vikings felt very much in control. The Halftime speech from the Fairborn coach must have been a very good one as the Skyhawks came out ready to change the game. They scored just 5 minutes into the Half . The Vikings seemed to relax with the big lead and did not match the opponents intensity in the second half.  Roark was considerably more busy having 10 saves in the second half. The Viking defense was under pressure and gave up a foul inside the 18 for a successful penalty kick and a 4-2 score. With 14 minutes to go in the game the Skyhawks struck again making it 4-3 and a lot of confidence.  But tonight was Schencks night and he found the net for the 3rd time of the game for a great hattrick plus 2 assists. The Vikings held to finish the game 5-3 and a 1-0 record in league.

 Good games by : Schenck, Bussard Dales , Roark, Affini, Garland, McCoy, Brundage , and Teaney


Vikings vs Wayne

The Vikings hosted the Wayne Warriors on a nice cool night. The starting lineup was : Roark in goal, Maxwell, Dales McCoy, and Zech on Defense, Eshbaugh , Affini, Cardenas and Bussard at midfield and Brundage and Schenck up top.

   The Vikings have never beaten Wayne and in need of a signature win for their season. The game was played with both teams trying to establish possession and create shots . Most of the play was in the middle of the field with neither team shooting often. Roark only had 2 saves in the first half and the Wayne keeper 1. With 9 minutes to go till halftime the Viking earned a corner kick . Affini stepped out to take it , his cross was long and found Bussard on the backside for a very nice Volley shot and a Viking lead going into halftime. The halftime speech by Coach Randolph and the high energy by the coachs and players kept the Vikings pumped up and ready to play the 2nd half. The game was a physical one with the ref handing out 5 yellow cards between the 2 teams. Both teams created more chances in the second half and Roark had 7 more saves. Kyle Bussard took the Viking team on his back tonight and headed the game winning 2nd goal home on a long pass from Zech. The Viking made school soccer history tonight beating a very good Wayne team.

Good games by: Bussard, Roark , Affini, Maxwell, Schenck, Zech, Eshbaugh, Teaney, Schacherer, Cardenas , and Brundage


Vikings vs Chaminade-Julienne

  The Vikings traveled to Fairmont soccer stadium to take on CJ. The starting line up was : Roark in goal, Maxwell , Zech, Dales, and McCoy on Defense, Eshbaugh, Affini, Cardenas, and Bussard at midfield, Schenck and Teaney up top.

   The Vikings came out slow and overly relaxed giving most of the possession to CJ and playing in their own half . Roark had 5 saves and Schenck and Bussard had a couple of chances apiece but CJ had the best chance on a corner kick 20 minutes into the half . A near post run by CJ beat the Vikings to the spot and a slip header found the net for a 1-0 CJ lead. At halftime Coach Randolph asked his team to pick up their pace of passing to feet and  move better off the ball to create space and chances . The frustration was building and 3 yellow cards were handed out to Viking players. Roark added  7 more saves to the game and the Vikings could not find the opportunity to tie the game . CJ played well for a 1-0 win.


   Good games by : Roark, Affini, Eshbaugh, Zech, Teaney, Schacherer, and Mize


JV record is 0-5-3

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2014 week 4

Posted by Jerry Randolph at Sep 12, 2014 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Vikings vs Centerville


  The Vikings hosted the Elks on a very wet night. The field held water but was playable. The starting 11 was : Roark in Goal, McCoy, Dales, Zech, and Schacherer on Defense, Bussard,  Eshbaugh, Cardenas, and Affini at midfield , and Schenck and Brundage up top.


   The Vikings came out slow and not ready to play against a very good Centerville team. The talk at practice all week of never haven beaten Centerville did not seem to give the Vikings the intensity needed. The Elks scored quickly just 5 minutes into the game and another a short 7 minutes later . 2-0 Elks just 12 minutes into the game was disheartening start to the game. The Vikings could not keep any possession and played in their own half most of the first half . They did pick up their play and had a dangerous shot but the keeper was able to keep them out of the net. With 5 minutes till half and the ball inside the Viking 18 yard box , a poor touch wound up as an own goal against the Vikings for a 3-0 Elk Lead till halftime.

The 2nd half the Vikings came out with a better intensity and commitment to possession. Their improved play resulted in more chances on the Centerville goal but none would go past the Elk Keeper. A late Centerville goal put the Final score at 4-0 and a Viking overall record of 1-3-0 . Not the start to the season expected by the players coachs and fans but a renewed commitment to improve was  expected.

Good games by : McCoy, Dales Bussard, Roark (18 saves) Affini, and Eshbaugh


  Jv record is 0-4-1

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2014 week 3

Posted by Jerry Randolph at Sep 8, 2014 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Vikings vs Butler


  The Vikings traveled to Vandalia to take on the undefeated Butler Aviators. The Starting eleven for the Vikings was : Roark in Goal, Maxwell, Zech, McCoy , and Schacherer on defense, Eshbaugh, Affini, Bussard, and Cardenas at the Halfback ,and Schenck and Teaney at forward.

   The Vikings began strong establishing possession in the middle of the field and playing with intensity. The quick passing and off the ball movements were the best the Vikings had played to date. With 27 minutes to play in the half Schenck and Bussard connected on a give and go putting Bussard one on one with a Butler defender , he did a quick stepover move to create his shot and placed the ball nicely into the side netting for a 1-0 lead.  A quick 8 minutes later the Butler Defense fouled  a hard charging Cardenas  inside the Box for a Viking PK. Affini stepped up to beat the keeper easily and give them a 2-0 lead and a ton of confidence. The Aviators would not give up scoring  5 minutes later to take the teams to halftime at 2-1. The second half began and Butler turned up their intensity and possession  putting pressure on the Viking Defense and Roark . Roark had an outstanding game with 22 saves , 11 a half. With 2 minutes to go in the game and the score still 2-1 the Aviators found their equalizer from a follow on a Roark save. “Will made the first save and their player beat our defense to the rebound to finish it” stated Coach Randolph. This gave the Aviators a huge boost in confidence and their constant pressure had the Vikings just clearing the ball long without any possession. With 44 seconds to go a long clearance into the Aviators half  gave a Viking forward a chance at winning the ball . His slide into the defender produced a foul and a free kick from deep in the Aviators half. Coach Randolph instructed his players to step forward hoping for a offside call but that proved to be the incorrect tactic and a Aviator forward out sprinted the defense to head the ball past Roark for the game winning goal.  Aviators 3 Vikings 2.


   Great game by : Roark , Eshbaugh , Affini, Bussard ,Schenck, Cardenas, Brundage, McCoy, Dales, Zech, Schacherer, and Teaney


JV lost 5-0

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2014 Week 1

Posted by Jerry Randolph at Aug 23, 2014 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

  Vikings  VS  Middletown

The Vikings began their 2014 season at home against Middletown on a very rainy and wet evening. Coach Randolph sent out a starting eleven of : Roark in goal, Maxwell, Zech , McCoy and Cardenas on defense, Eshbaugh, Affini, Bussard , Schacherer, and Schenck at the midfield and Teaney up top.

  The Vikings new formation has proven to score goals but on this wet night they couldn’t hold any possession and seemed a step slow to the ball. The game was played at a slow pace with Middletown being the most dangerous and in control. The Vikings kept them out of the net until 3 minutes to go in the first half when a free kick was awarded . A deflection off the wall found Roark going in wrong direction and the Middies took the lead into halftime.  Coach Randolph asked for adjustments in man marking and winning 50/50 balls. He also wanted the attack to be more out of possession rather than kick and run hoping to be faster than Middletown defense.

  The second half began and the Vikings seemed to pick up their play some . Kip Schenck broke free on a long through ball from Murrie Affini and chipped the ball over the keeper to tie the game just 8 minutes into the half. Middletown picked up their game as well and the game became a physical battle. Tempers were kept in check by the Coaching staff’s  and both teams played with passion. It was not the Vikings night never taking control of the game or sustaining any possession . The Middies scored with 12 minutes remaining and gave the Vikings a loss and a wake up call.

  Good games were had by : Raork , Schenck , Affini, Eshbaugh, Cardenas, Brundage

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2014 week 2

Posted by Jerry Randolph at Aug 23, 2014 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The Vikings traveled to Springfield on a nice evening. The starting eleven were: Roark in goal , Maxwell, Zech, McCoy , And Dales in Defense , Eshbaugh , Affini, Bussard, Cardenas, and Schenck at midfield , And Brundage up top.

  The Vikings put pressure on the Springfield defense often in the first half playing long through balls and running hard at them.  The game was played with an end to end style with the Vikings putting long through balls and Springfield trying to posses the ball and move down field quickly . The Vikings seemed more dangerous forcing the Springfield keeper to make 15 saves in the first half alone. Several quality shots were taken by Brundage , Schenck, and Cardenas but the Keeper was up to the task keeping the game tied at 0-0 till half. At halftime Coach Randolph expressed to his team the importance of possession over long balls from half field . He changed the formation to gain more possession in the middle half of the field and attack the Springfield goal with numbers rather than 1 on 1 with the Keeper. This proved to be the key as the Vikings scored quickly on a pass from Affini to Schenck and a nice finish. With the lead the Vikings tried to keep possession more and not allow Springfield any confidence.  This slowed the pace of the game way down and forced Roark to make some saves of his own . Coach Randolph switched formations again hoping to score quickly but this gave Springfield more possession and the Vikings resumed long ball attempts.  Late in the game A  switch was made again and with just 1 minute to play the Vikings got their second goal when outside fullback Cole Dales attacked down the left side and put a nice ball across the face of goal to find Kyle Bussard ready to finish for his first goal of the year.  Final 2-0 Vikings

  Good games were had by : Maxwell, Zech, McCoy , Dales, Schenck , Affini, Bussard , Eshbaugh, Brundage , Cardenas,and Mize


JV Tied 0-0