2013 week 7

Posted by Jerry Randolph on Oct 05 2013 at 05:00PM PDT

Week 7 for the Vikings had a High and low


The first game of the week the Vikings traveled to Lebanon to continue their quest for a league title. The starting 11 was, Roark in goal, Siroki, Zech, Bussard, and Schacherer on defense, Affini, Eshbaugh, Schenck, and Cardenas at Midfield, Teaney and Brundage up top. The game began at a very fast pace with both teams trying to establish possession and score first. The Vikings were passing the ball well, defending well, and getting into the Warrior defensive third but could not get any shots off. They have been an unselfish group the whole season but this quality was not helping them in shooting. The Warriors however had no problem shooting from all over the Viking half of the field. Roark had 15 saves in the first half. The Warriors got on the board quickly when a deflected shot got past Roark. The Vikings only created 2 shots on goal in the 1st half and neither of them were any trouble for the Warrior keeper. Halftime score was 1-0 Lebanon and Coach Randolph begged his team to shoot the ball. He felt if we challenged their keeper and kept a fast paced passing game we could come out on top at end of the game. The second half began the same way the game had at a fast pace and both teams wanting to possess and score quickly. The Vikings did shoot more putting 6 on frame but again none were very dangerous. The Warriors got their 2nd goal with just 10 minutes to play off a corner kick. Roark got his hands to it but couldn’t secure the ball before a Warrior forward poked it in.  The game ended 2-0 Lebanon and the Vikings quest for a league title eliminated. Coach Randolph stated “The boys played very well tonight. We are a very good team in possession and Defending, and passing, we need to shoot the ball more often and create more chances to score.” Good games were had by all that played.


  The second game of the week the Vikings hosted West Carrollton and their past Coach in the annual game for the Gary Kimmel traveling trophy. The Starting 11 was Roark in goal, Cardenas, Zech, Bussard, and Schacherer on Defense, Affini, Eshbaugh, Schenck, and Siroki at midfield, Alsalhi and Teaney up top. The Vikings went on the attack right from the whistle and seemed to finally figure out how to shoot the ball again. The quick passing and off ball movements of the Vikings had the Pirates chasing the ball and trying to keep them out of their half. Midway through the first half The Vikings got on the board first with a nice cross from Wunderlin and a great goal from Brundage. With the score 1-0 the Viking players relaxed and felt they could slow down the pressure and pass the ball around the Pirates. This annual game is always highly emotional and intense. The Pirates were never going to quit trying to win this game and got a good counter attack to tie the score at 1-1 before the half. At halftime Coach Randolph challenged his team to increase the pressure back to where it was and never let up again. He instructed his team that West Carrollton would not stop playing no matter the score or time remaining, and to score quickly then retrieve the ball to the center spot and go right back at them. He asked them to do this for the remaining time in the game. “Do not take any pressure off them, play fast and press hard for 40 more minutes no let downs “ . The second half began and the Vikings responded to their coach playing fast and possessing the ball and shooting. The Pirates came out inspired as well and the game had an intense feeling with both teams pushing hard to dominate the other. The Vikings got on the board again with Teaney finding the ball on the back post from a cross by Schenck and he finished nicely. The Vikings did just as asked and returned the ball to the center circle and prepared to attack the ball again. Brundage got his 2nd goal of the game later in the half with a pass from Schacherer to increase the lead to 3-1. The Vikings did as asked and kept pressure on them but the Pirates are well coached and had opportunities late in the game to change the score. Roark had 6 saves in the game to keep the score at 3-1. This game was well played by both teams and good sportsmanship was obvious. Good games were had by, Brundage, Teaney, Schenck, Schacherer, Wunderlin, Siroki, Roark, Zech, Bussard, Cardenas, Affini, Eshbaugh, Alsalhi, and Reeser. The Vikings Kept the trophy for the 8th year in a row.

 JV record is 3-10-0


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