Instructions to update scores or to schedule games:

Posted by Lehigh Valley Church Softball League on May 11 2019 at 07:03PM PDT

Instructions to update scores or to schedule games:
1) Sign into your account
2) From header bar, select ‘DIVISION’ and select ‘FELLOWSHIP’
3) Once in the ‘Fellowship’ page, select ‘CALENDAR’ from the header bar
4) This will bring up the ‘EVENTS’ listing…you can use the Calendar or List View to view scheduled games

To Update scores:

  • click on the appropriate game to get the EVENT INFORMATION screen
  • select ‘EDIT’ in the ‘game summary’, update the score, and save
    1. Do not save the game if the game was not played. Doing so with a 0-0 score will register the game as a Tie.
  • if there was a rainout, this can be commented on within the ‘comments’ section

To Create a new game:

  • select ‘ADD DIVISION EVENT’ in the top right of the EVENT section
  • enter details for the new game (ie teams, date, location)
    1. Under ‘Schedule a Reminder’, please select No Reminder and uncheck the 2 options (uncheck track attendance for this event and uncheck invite everyone)