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Entrance Fee: $ 200 1st Place- Los Angeles Dodgers Player- Autographed Tom Goodwin Sculptured Hands Trophy Display (see picture), valued $600-$900, Please note that this is one of kind collectors item created by Americas Helping Hands. For details on Americas Helping Hands Foundation visit Here is an article on how it was created direct from Dodgers web page. Plus 1st Place Team Trophy plus individual trophies, 2nd Place- Team Trophy + individual trophies, 3rd Place- Team Trophy + individual trophies, 4th Place - 8th Place will receive an individual trophy. That’s right, every player will receive a trophy no matter what place they come in. Results Place: Team name: 1st Place So. Cal Sharks 2nd Place Santa Maria Indians 3rd Place Peninsula Waves 4th Place Bellflower Red Sox 5th Place Boyle Heights Dodgers 6th Place Mid Valley Horsepower Tied for 7th Chino Valley Pilots/Maywood Giants For pics of tournament go to Picture Album.