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Posted by Jose Flores at May 4, 2019 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )


Last updated 5.3.19 10:00am




Practice - Fri May 3 - 6pm El Cariso Field 4

Games Sunday May 5 - Single Elimination playoffs, We seeded 4, we play vs Seed 1 at
11am vs Redondo Beach Samurai
1:30pm -Championship
At Rogers Park 
400 W. Beach Ave Inglewood, CA 90302


1 Week OFF

Practice - Mon May 6 - OFF 

Practice - Fri May 10 - OFF

Games Sunday May 12 - OFF - Happy Mothers Day

Practice - Mon May 13 - 6pm El Cariso

Practice - Fri May 17 - 6pm El Cariso




Games At :

Mid Valley
17301 Oxnard St.
Encino, CA 91316 

Las Palmas
505 South Huntington Street
San Fernando, California 91340 

Villa Parke
363 E Villa St.
Pasadena CA 91101 

HP (Highland Park)
6152 Piedmont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90042 

Allen J. Martin Park
14830 E Giordano St
La Puente, CA 91744

Mountain View High School
2900 Parkway Dr.
El Monte CA 91732 

Rogers Park
400 W. Beach Ave
Inglewood, CA 90302

La Puente High
15615 Nelson Ave E 
La Puente, CA 91744

10U News:
For Spring League 2019 We are playing at BALA.

Pirates Bdays: 

Tonas - 2.5
Pablo E- 2.6
Adrian- 3.15
Ezekiel - 7.8
Isaiah - 7.10
Noah F- 7.17
Louie- 7.23
Rocky- 7.24 
Pablo G- 9.10
Alex - 9.18
Mathew M. 10.16


18U News: 

Boys are all grown up, and in/completed College.  Some now with their own families.
Keep up the good work guys.
Keep us posted on your good for fortunes.
We wish you guys the best!
Great team, good times, great experience..........

From your Coaches, Tino, Roy, Glen, and Jose.

“A team is where a boy can prove his courage on his own. A gang is where a coward goes to hide." - Mickey Mantle

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League Play

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Season: Age: Name: Date: Placed:
Winter 2006 12U w/13U, Sept 9- Nov 19, 2006. 3rd
Spring 2007 12U w/13U, Feb 10- May 20, 2007 3rd
Summer 2007 12U w/13U June 2-August 24, 2007 Cancelled
Winter 2007 13U w/14U /, Sept 4- Nov 28, 2007. 1st
Spring 2008 13U Feb 23-May 18, 2008 4th
Winter 2008 14U Not playing Winter League  ***  ***
Spring 2009 14U Feb 23-May 17, 2009 3rd
Summer 2009 14U June 6-Aug 16, 2009 2nd
Summer 2010 16U CCYB June 7-Aug 13, 2009 6th
Winter 2010 16U No League this season, tournaments only Sept 6-Jan 17, 2011 N/A
Spring 2011 16U No League play, boys in HS Feb 12-May20, 2011 N/A
Spring 2012 3U SILB T-Ball Clinic Mar 11-June 3, 2012 1st
Fall 2012 4U NVYB Shetland Pony Sept 9-Nov 11, 2012 3rd
Spring 2013 4U Santa Rosa Pony (TBall) March 3-June 8, 2013 2nd
Fall 2013 5U Santa Rosa Pony (Shetland) Sept 15-Nov 17, 2013 N/A
Spring 2014 5U Santa Rosa Pony (Shetland) March 8-June 7, 2014 5th
Fall 2014 6U Santa Rosa Pony (Shetland) And Sundays at SIBL Sept 20-Nov 16, 2014 N/A
Spring 2015 7U Santa Rosa Pony (Shetland) March - June, 2015 4th
Fall 2015 8U Santa Rosa Pony (Pinto) Sept - Nov 2015 N/A
Spring 2016 8U Santa Rosa Pony (Pinto) March - June 4th
Fall 2016 8U Santa Rosa Pony (Pinto) and Sundays at SIBL Sept - Nov 2016 N/A
Sprint 2017 8U Santa Rosa Pony (Pinto) March 11-May 9 2017 4th
Fall 2017 9U TBA TBA TBD
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Tournament Play

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Tournament Play:

Name: Age: Host/Qualifier: Date: Placed:
Last Chance Tournament 13U NBC/HYB, played up 1 age Aug 19-20, 2006 4th
6th Annual Beach Bash Open 12U Super Series Oct 21-22, 2006 3rd
6th Annual Halloween Bash NIT 12U Hardcore Youth Baseball Oct 28-29, 2006 3rd
Toys 4 Tots 12U SFS Thunder/Hardcore Youth Baseball Dec 2-3, 2006 1st
Toys for Kids 12U KIDS Youth Baseball Dec 9-10, 2006 4th
USSSA MLK National Invitational Tournament 12U USSSA Jan 13-15, 2006 16th
Magic Mountain Classic 12U West Ranch High School Tournament Jan 27-28, continued Feb 25 3rd
March Desert Qualifier 12U Triple Crown Sports March 3-4, 2007 1st
St Patrick's Day Classic 12U Super Series March 17-18, 2007 5th
2007 Spring Break Open III 12U Super Series April 14-15, 2007 3rd
Cinco De Mayo at Tijuana Mexico 12U KIDS Baseball May 5-6, 2007 4th
Mothers Day 1 Day Tournament 12U Hardcore Youth Baseball May 12, 2007 1st
WBA Memorial Day Classic 12U Whittier Baseball Association May 26-28, 2007 3rd
USSSA World Series Qualifier 12U USSSA June 2-3, 2007 3rd
USSSA Fathers Day Classic 12U USSSA June 16-17, 2007 3rd
IBA Classic 12U IBA June 30-July 1, 2007 2nd
South Gate Democrats 1st Bat Classic 12U South Gate Democrats July 7-8, 2007 1st
USSSA 12U Majors World Series 12U USSSA July 16-22, 2007 5th
Last Minute Classic 12U CABA Aug 4-5, 2007 3rd
2007 Winter World Series Opener 12U Super Series Aug 11-12, 2007 2nd
Kick Off Classic 13U Hardcore Youth Baseball Sept 8-9, 2007 2nd
Las Vegas Fall Nationals 12U  Triple Crown Sports Sept 21-23, 2007 13th
USSSA Autumn Classic 13U USSSA Oct 13-14, 2007 RainedOut
USSSA Halloween Haunt 13U USSSA Oct 27-28, 2007 11th
4th Annual Toys For Kids Tournament 13U Hardcore Baseball Dec 8-9, 2007 4th
SGV Toys for Tots 13U SGV/Hardcore Dec 15-16, 2007 3rd
Pre MLK Tournament 13U Ventura Warriors Backyard Tourney Jan 12-13, 2008 7th
USSSA MLK NIT 13U USSSA Jan 19-21, 2008 16th
SuperBowl 1 Day Saturday 13U PlayHard Baseball  Feb 2, 2008 2nd
South Gate Democrats Classic 13U South Gate Democrats Feb 9-10, 2008 2nd
Presidents Day Weekend Tournament 13U Hardcore Youth Baseball Feb 16-18, 2008 4th
Cancun & Dominican Qualifier 13U Hardcore Youth Baseball April 5-6, 2008 3rd
South Gate Democrats Tourney 13U SGA/SGJAA Youth Baseball April 19-20, 2008 2nd
Bat Wars 13U USSSA May 3-4, 2008 8th
7th Annual Memorial Day Baseball Bash 13U Las Vegas Baseball Academy May 24-26, 2008 14th
Whitier Pony Tourney 13U Whittier Pony June 7-8, 2008 3rd
Hardcore Youth Baseball 13U Hardcore Youth Baseball June 21-22, 2008 2nd
Highlander Summer Series 13U CABA July 12-13, 2008 4th
Highlander Summer Series 13U CABA July 26-27, 2008 1st
Carson Invitational 13U City of Carson Aug 2-3, 2008 1st
Highlander Summer Series 13U CABA Aug 9-10, 2008 1st
Highlander Summer Series 13U CABA Aug 23-24, 2008 3rd
HYB 14U/15U HYB Sept 13-14, 2008 3rd
PreGame Tourney 14U PreGame Oct 4-5, 2008 3rd
October Madness 14U SWBA Oct 11-12, 2008 2nd
Wood Bat Classic 14U HYB Nov 1-2, 2008 2nd
Tourkey Trout 15U HYB Nov 15-16, 2008 2nd part postponed
Downey Buzz Tourney 15U Downey Buzz Nov 8-9, 2008 3rd
Xmas Classic 14U HYB Dec 6-7, 2008 1st
Xmas Classic 2 14U HYB Dec 13-14, 2008 2nd
PreGame MLK 15U Pre-Game Jan 17-19, 2009 3rd
Super 16 14U Super Series May 23-25, 2009 4th
1 Day Tourney 15U Hardcore Youth Baseball Sept 13, 2009 3rd
1 Day Tourney 15U Hardcore Youth Baseball Oct 11, 2009 1st
Pr- turkey Tourney 15U Hardcore Youth Baseball Nov 21-22, 2009 2nd
Xmax Classic 16U, played-p Hardcore Youth Baseball Dec 5-6, 2009 1st
Xmas Classic 2 16U, playing up Hardcore Youth Baseball Dec 19-20, 2009 3rd
Pre Game 16U, playing up Pre Game Jan 10, 2010 3rd
Friendship Classic 16U playing up Hardcore Youth Baseball Aug 7-8, 2010 2nd
HYB 16U playing up Hardcore Youth Baseball Aug 21-22, 2010 4th
HYB 16U playing up Hardcore Youth Baseball Sept 4-6, 2010 1st
18U, 1 Day Classic 18U, playing 2 up Hardcore Youth Baseball Sept 19, 2010 2nd
International Event 16U Hardcore Youth Baseball OCt 16-17, 2010 2nd
October Fest 18U playing up 2 years Hardcore Youth Baseball Oot 24, 2010 3rd
La Habra HS Tourney 16U Bangers Nov 7, 2010 1st
Thanksgiving Classic 16U Cory Lidle Org Nov 26-28, 2010 9th
Pregame Xmas 18U playing 2 years up Pregame Dec 12, 2010 3rd
Winter Classic 16U HYB Jan 2, 2011 rained out during event
Winter Championships 16U HYB Jan 9, 2011 1st
HYB Winter Tourney 18U playing 2 years up HYB Jan 15, 2011 4th
Memorial Weekend Classic 16U HYB May 28-29, 2011 5th
Section Championships 18U HYB June 11-12, 2011 2nd
HYB 1 Day Tourney 18U  HYB  July 24, 2011 2nd
HYB 1 Day Tourney 18U  HYB  July 31, 2011  2nd 
La Habra Bangers Tourney 18U Bangers Tourney Aug 14, 2011 2nd
HYB 1 Day Tourney 18U HYB Aug 21, 2011 1st
HYB 1 Day Tourney 18U HYB Oct 23, 2011 1st
HYB 1 Day Tourney 18U HYB Nov 6, 2011 1st
HYB Thanksgiving 2 Day Tourney 18U HYB Nov 26-27, 2011 3rd
PreGame Xmas 18U PreGame Dec 17-18, 2011 3rd
Future Events.......        
None at this time        
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About US

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"Money should never hold back talent" - Jose Flores
"Ganas!...No Ganas-NO JUEGES!" -Jose Flores

    Formed Aug 8- 2006, the So Cal Pirates are a community organization dedicated to developing the skills of local youth players that have a strong desire to play competitive baseball. As of 2012, we have concluded with our 18U team. The boys have moved on to last year of HS, and first year of College. Our 18U players came from the following cities: South Gate, East Los Angeles, Montebello, Pico Rivera, Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, Downey, Paramount, Lynwood, Buena Park, Fullerton, Bellflower, Granada Hills, Sylmar, Lake View Terrace, Sun Valley, Hollywood, and Burbank. A few are currently playing baseball for local colleges, working hard to play pro ball.

    With that in mind and the dedication of our parents, players and coaches we have created/started a NEW team as of Spring 2012 as 3U (2s and 3s), as of now are 6U team in Winter 2014. Our goal is to provide these young youth with the fundamental physical, mental and emotional tools necessary to assist in their preparation for high school and college athletics. It is also our goal to lend support and encourage our players as they gain, through team dynamics, valuable experiences that contribute to their development as upstanding citizens of Southern California area.

Player Home Area Locations:
Los Angeles County, California
To narrow it down, from the San Fernando Valley area.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has and continues to help our organization. To the Parks who lend us the fields, to the parents who have sacrificed their time, to the sponsors who have helped us financially. Please know that we would not be were we are now if it wasn't for you.
From the coaching staff and the kids,...........thank you!

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Org Email Address:


Title Name  Cell Number  Email 
Team Mom Lupe Gonzalez
Team Mom Nidia Guardado    
Team Mom Laura Salgado    
Coaches Jose Flores
  Ramziz Guardo Pablo Escobar and all dads on this team
Title Name Cell Number Email
Coach Jose Flores

Coach Tino Valenzuela

Coach Roy Cienfuegos

Coach Glen Katayama 714 402 0091