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The Clear Lake Falcons Varsity always play poorly in the first game after a tournament. Wednesday's game against the LaPorte Bulldogs was no exception. For the second time in 5 days, the Clear Lake Falcons faced the LaPorte Bulldogs. Same song, second verse, only this time the Falcons had that "Gee, I wish I hadn't stayed out so late last night" look. With Dan Rieke still sidelined, the Falcons came out slow and mostly stayed that way in the first half. The score was tied at 9 at the end of the first quarter. Yes, that's correct, 9 points. LaPorte was up 28-22 at the half. Fortunately for Lake, the Bulldogs' Zach Trader had all the moves but was ineffective all night in what was probably one of his poorest showings. That might be explained by the presence of Aaron Greenwood, who had an awesome game on both ends of the court. Greenwood had a team high 12 points despite sitting out most of the second half. The Falcons just couldn't seem to get a rhythym going in the first half though they seemed to be working hard at times.Turnovers were again a major problem for Lake. The Falcons decided to show up for the second half so the obvious difference in talent began to show. The highlight of the game was a monster dunk by Greenwood which would make many TV highlight clips. "Where did he come from?" was the expression on the LaPorte players faces. With tenacious defense sparked by Nandi Wijay, Chris Mitchell and Micah Walker, the Falcons took control of the game. The Falcons outscored the Dogs 21 to 11 in the 3rd quarter to pull ahead 43-39. The fourth quarter was a see-saw battle with Lake pulling ahead by 1 or 2 buckets and then LaPorte pulling close or tying. The win for the Falcons was not evident until the final minute of the game. Final score was 57-51. Inexperienced refs not yet ready for 5A ball were again a problem. There were at least 5 technical fouls called in the game and the game tried to get out of control at one point. The crowd really got into the game after a succession of absence-of-calls and poor calls Former players spotted in the crowd included Sean Williams, Blair Greenwood, Kyle Baird, and Allen Hudson.
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Anyone wishing to provide information regarding the outcome of the Freshman and Sophomore games, especially scores and digital pictures, should contact me via email (home page, left column). Thank you for your support and interest in Clear Lake boys basketball. image
During the Lake game against Alief Taylor, not once but twice this occurred.
A player is noticed to have blood on his uniform and is directed to leave the game by the official. The player changes to another jersey borrowed from a player who has previously been in the game and re-enters the game! Is this legal?
Yes, if a shirt is damaged or bloody and if no other jerseys are available, this is allowed as long as the jersey cannot easily be confused with the opposing team's and if it does not duplicate a number of another player on the court. The spirit and intent of the rule is to do everything possible to allow the player to use a different shirt and return to play without penalty. image
Click on SCHEDULES AND SCORES in the left column. Varsity Make sure the Varsity Tab is selected (varsity is default) . A list of all varsity games played with scores is provided. You may also get a game summary by moving over the underlined game title and clicking on it. From this you can also get individual player stats for that game (varsity only). Other Teams The game schedule for each of the Boys Teams is provided but the schedules will not be updated with game scores for these teams.
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Intent of this site

Posted by Donald Wilkerson at Nov 24, 2003 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
The purpose of this unofficial site is to enhance the Clear Lake boys basketball experience by providing information to increase the interest and enjoyment before, during, and after each Falcon game for fans and players. Every effort will be made to insure the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided here. With emphasis on the Varsity team, this site will strive to provide, for each season and for each of the five boys' teams where practicable, 1. game schedules and results, 2. tournament brackets and results, 3. a calendar of related Clear Lake Boys basketball events, 4. complete varsity player stats for each game (restricted access), 5. traveling directions to each opponent's main gym, 6. Lake team rosters with both team and individual player's and coaches pictures, 7. albums, organized by year, of pictures of team events, 8. District 24 5A district game schedules and weekly standings, 9. Houston area and state rankings,and 10. Season radio game broadcast schedule. This website is a work in progress. Suggestions can be sent to me via email by clicking on my name on the home page (left side).