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2017-18 TABC Preseason Rankings

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Boys - Class 6A


Austin Westlake


Denton Guyer


Houston Sam Houston


South Garland




Cy Falls


Katy Tompkins


Spring Dekaney


FB Bush


Lake Travis


SA Wagner


South Grand Prairie


North Crowley




Klein Forest




College Park




Odessa Permian


Laredo Alexander


Dallas Jesuit


Cibolo Steele


Arlington Bowie


McAllen Rowe


Harlingen South


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2017-2018 Rules Changes

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Basketball Rules Changes - 2017-18

By NFHS on November 01, 2017 basketball Print


1-13-2: The coaching box shall be outlined outside the side of the court on which the scorer's and timer's table and team benches are located. The area shall be bounded by a line drawn 28 feet from the end line towards the Division line. At this point a line drawn from the sideline toward the team bench becomes the end of the coaching box going towards the end line.

Note: State Associations may alter the length and placement of the 28 foot (maximum) coaching box.

Effective Immediately. Tape may be used to extend the 14-foot line to 28 feet.

Rationale: The restriction of the coaching box penalizes the level of communication between coach and player. Allowing a coach freedom to move within the new box between the 28’ mark and the end line provides a coach more access to coach his/her players.


2-9-1: When a foul occurs, an official shall signal the timer to stop the clock. The official shall verbally inform the offender, then with finger(s) of two hands, indicate to the scorer the number of the offender and the number of free throws.

Rationale: To minimize foul reporting errors, that occur between the officials and the scorekeepers when the information gets lost in the translation. Two handed reporting is easier for the scorekeepers to see and comprehend in addition to being less confusing.


3-4-1d: There are no color/design restrictions in the area of the team jersey from the imaginary line at the base of the neckline to the top of the shoulder and in the corresponding area on the back of the jersey. There are restrictions on what identifying names may be placed in this area (see Article 3-4-4).

Rationale: Provide guidance on the forthcoming restrictions for this area of the jersey.


3-4-4: Identifying name(s) shall adhere to the following:

a. If used, lettering with school name, school’s nickname, school logo, player’s name and /or abbreviation of the official school name shall be placed horizontally on the jersey.
b. The panel in the shoulder area of the jersey on the back may be used for placing an identifying name as well.

Rationale: Provide guidance to persons purchasing uniforms in determining what wording should go onto the jersey.


4-48 NEW: Warning for Coach/Team Conduct
A warning to a coach/team for misconduct is an administrative procedure by an official, which is recorded in the scorebook by the scorer and reported to the Head Coach:
Art. 1 . . . For conduct, such as that described in rule 10-5-1a,b,d,e,f; 10-5-2; 10-5-4 the official shall warn the head coach unless the offense is judged to be major, in which case a technical foul shall be assessed. Note: A warning is not required prior to calling a technical foul.
Art. 2 . . . For the first violation of rule 10-6-1, the official shall warn the head coach unless the offense is judged to be major, in which case a technical foul shall be assessed. Note: A warning is not required prior to calling a technical foul.

Rationale: Stopping play and making sure that the bench and the coach know that an official warning has been given, sends a clear message to everyone in the gym and impacts the behavior of the coach, and in some cases the behavior of the opposing coach. This change in behavior creates a better atmosphere and many times avoids the need to administer a technical foul

Next tournament is the HEB Classic in Portland Texas. 

Dates are Dec 7-9 at Gregory Portland High School, 4601 Wildcat, Portland, Tx, 78374

First game in pool play is at 10 am in the Main Gym vs. John Paul High School.

Second game is at 9am Friday in Gym B vs Lubbock Estacado.  Estacado is ranked #17 in the state in 4A.


Team Hotel is  Emerald Beach Hotel, 1102 South Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, Tx 78401. ph:(361) 883-5731.

Tournament bracket below.

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2017 Cedar Park Tournament Results

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LISD (Cedar Park) Tournament

 Dec. 30, 2017 - Championship Game - Clear Lake claimed the championship by defeating Lake Highlands by a score of 68-54.   Ajare Sanni was selected Tournament MVP. All Tournament honors went to Jeremiah Maldonado, Riley Abercrombie, and Ajare Sanni. Lake is now 18-4 going into District play.

 Game 3 of Cedar Park Tournament. Lake defeated a very salty Austin Lanier by a score of 83-77.

 December 29, 2017, Game 2 - Clear Lake over Stoney Point 93 -58. Lake faces off against Austin Lanier at 1:30pm Saturday in the semifinals. Lanier had a guard in the game tonight who scored 44 points. Lake is 16-4 

 December 29, 2017, Game 1 -  Clear Lake defeated a very good Hendrickson team 81-93. Hendrickson is certainly one of the toughest teams in the tournament. Clear Lake missed 13 free throws but made 28. Ajare Sanni had 25 points. Jeremiah had 14, Riley had 14 and Zaid Harris had 10 points and took FOUR charges in the game.

Lake is now 15-4