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Clear Falls Falls to Lake

Posted by Donald Wilkerson at Jan 8, 2018 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
January 5, 2018: Clear Lake over Clear Falls 50-45

In the home game opener to usher in 2018, the Clear Lake Falcons squeeked by District 24-6A rival Clear Falls Friday night by a very narrow margin. Lake had a really bad night one could say. But one could also say "When the boys are still on holiday and stay up until 2:30am, they are going to have a bad game the next day". Lake's performance in this game was embarassing and possibly primarily attributed to fatigue from inadequate rest. Will they never learn? This game won "Ugliest Game of the Year" honors by a wide margin. Hopefully games this ugly will be rare.

Falls was up for Lake and late in the game Falls was ahead. Riley Abercrombie sprained his ankle early in the game and without him Lake appeared to be in real trouble. Shooting percentage from the field in the first half topped out around 21%. In this first quarter 4 of 14 shooting from the field. In the 2nd 2 of 14 shooting (14.3%). In the third quarter 5 of 14. Get the picture?

It was hard to watch Lake play a game this poorly after watching them play some really superb basketball last weekend in Austin. Maybe if we threaten to take their cell phones away they will go to bed and get some much needed rest before they play a game.  

Shae Suianoa was absent from the game. Ajare Sanni had 22 points (11 on free throws) despite going 5 of 21 from the field.

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Lake Defeats Clear Brook 80-64

Posted by Donald Wilkerson at Jan 8, 2018 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

January 9, 2018 - Lake at Clear Brook 

In the Clear Brook gym Tuesday night, Clear Lake's varsity team reappeared after being MIA for the Falls game the previous Friday. Because of the radical improvement, many perplexed fans wondered "Is this the same team we saw Friday?"

Lake handled the Wolverines with style and efficiency as they put on a display of what they are all about. The Falcons maintained the lead throughout the game but it was not a comfortable margin until late in the 4th quarter.

Ajare Sanni had 26 points; Zaid, the Iceman, Harris had 18.  Riley Abercrombie, Jeremiah Maldonado, and Casey Davis each had 10 points.

Lake is 20-4 (3-1 in district). 

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Cedar Park Tournament Results (2017)

Posted by Donald Wilkerson at Dec 29, 2017 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )


LISD (Cedar Park) Tournament

 Dec. 30, 2017 - Championship Game - Clear Lake claimed the championship by defeating Lake Highlands by a score of 68-54.   Ajare Sanni was selected Tournament MVP. All Tournament honors went to Jeremiah Maldonado, Riley Abercrombie, and Ajare Sanni. Lake is now 18-4 going into District play.

 Game 3 of Cedar Park Tournament. Lake defeated a very salty Austin Lanier by a score of 83-77.

 December 29, 2017, Game 2 - Clear Lake over Stoney Point 93 -58. Lake faces off against Austin Lanier at 1:30pm Saturday in the semifinals. Lanier had a guard in the game tonight who scored 44 points. Lake is 16-4 

 December 29, 2017, Game 1 -  Clear Lake defeated a very good Hendrickson team 81-93. Hendrickson is certainly one of the toughest teams in the tournament. Clear Lake missed 13 free throws but made 28. Ajare Sanni had 25 points. Jeremiah had 14, Riley had 14 and Zaid Harris had 10 points and took FOUR charges in the game.

Lake is now 15-4.

        I. STANDINGS AS OF  2-14-18 

Clear Lake 12-2 

Dickinson 12-2 

Clear Creek 11-3

 Clear Springs 10-4

Clear Brook 6-8

Friendswood 4-10  

Clear Falls 2-12

Alvin 1-13 


 II.  24 - 6A 2017-18 District Schedule with game results (game winner underlined) 

December 19 

Clear Lake  75 hosts Alvin 47

Clear Brook  81  hosts Clear Falls  74

Friendswood 47 hosts Dickinson  62

Clear Springs 53 hosts Clear Creek   68


December 22, 2017

Dickinson 78 hosts Clear Lake  74

Clear Creek 54 hosts Clear Brook  51

Clear Falls  63 hosts Friendswood 47 

Alvin 34 hosts Clear Springs  65


Jan 5, 2018

Clear Lake 50 hosts Clear Falls 45 

Friendswood 43 hosts Clear Brook 55

Clear Creek 45 hosts Alvin 28  

Clear Springs 55 hosts Dickinson 54 


Jan 9

Clear Brook 64 hosts Clear Lake  80

Friendswood 56 hosts Clear Creek 62 (OT)  

Alvin 38 hosts Dickinson 67  

Clear Falls 52 hosts Clear Springs 69 


Jan 12

Clear Lake 64 hosts Friendswood 52

Clear Springs 80 hosts Clear Brook 59

Alvin 55 hosts Clear Falls  58

Clear Creek 63 hosts Dickinson 68  (OT) Dickinson trailed the entire game in regulation.


Jan 18

Clear Lake 70 hosts Clear Creek   74

Clear Brook 58 hosts Alvin  44

Friendswood 40 hosts Clear Springs   58

Clear Falls 43 hosts Dickinson   60


Jan 20

Clear Springs 72 hosts Clear Lake  90

Dickinson 55 hosts Clear Brook 45

Alvin 38 hosts  Friendswood   76

Clear Creek 68 hosts Clear Falls 44


Jan 23 Start of 2nd Round

Alvin 38 hosts Clear Lake   82

Clear Falls 48 hosts Clear Brook  66

Dickinson 52 hosts Friendswood  41

Clear Creek 44 hosts Clear Springs  67


Jan 26

Clear Lake 74 hosts Dickinson  69

Clear Brook 56 hosts Clear Creek  74

Friendswood 56 hosts Clear Falls 46

Clear Springs 69 hosts Alvin  56


Jan 30

Clear Falls 53 hosts Clear Lake  90

Alvin 34 hosts Clear Creek  51

Dickinson 59 hosts Clear Springs 39

Brook 67 hosts Friendswood 62


Feb 2

Clear Lake 91 hosts Clear Brook 64

Clear Creek 62 hosts Friendswood 51

Dickinson 63 hosts Alvin 29

Clear Springs 80 hosts Clear Falls 44


Feb 6

Friendswood 51 hosts Clear Lake 68 

Clear Brook 58 hosts Clear Springs 65

Clear Falls 39 hosts Alvin  51

Dickinson 79 hosts Clear Creek 56 


Feb 9

Clear Creek 55 hosts Clear Lake  65

Alvin hosts Clear Brook 

Clear Springs 68 hosts Friendswood  45

Dickinson 62 hosts Clear Falls 44  


Feb 13

Clear Lake 88 hosts Clear Springs 72 

Clear Brook hosts Dickinson  

Friendswood 65 hosts Alvin 45

Clear Falls 47 hosts Clear Creek  66


 Feb 20

start of playoffs 

BiDistrict: Clear Lake vs Alief Hastings at Dawson HS 




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Clear Lake Easily Slides By Alvin 75-47

Posted by Donald Wilkerson at Dec 19, 2017 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Game 17: With the victory over Alvin (75-47) Lake is now 14-3 for the season. Riley Abercrombie led all scorers with 23 points.