Game 4 Deer Park 62 - Clear Lake 58

Posted by Donald Wilkerson on Nov 20 2018 at 04:00PM PST
 November 20, 2018. Deer Park 62 - Clear Lake 58

Casey Davis  14 pts., John Argue 12 pts.

Deer Park beat us the same way they beat us last season in the regional quarterfinals. They outshot us. They scored 2/3 of their shots from the paint. and they got over 20% of their points off free throws. Lake's free throw percentage was under 50% when I looked with about 4 minutes remaining (5 of 12). At that same juncture, Deer Park had made 11 points off free throws. I should mention that this was largely because of an imbalance in the officiating. With 4 minutes remaining the foul count was 9 and 3. Only 3 fouls had been called on Deer Park in 12 minutes of the second half! As a result, Lake did not get many trips to the free throw line.

This should be a growth experience for the Falcons. 


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