Varsity Player Stats- What does each column represent?

Posted by Donald Wilkerson on Dec 25 2003 at 04:00PM PST
A brief explanation of each column is at the bottom of the page of stats. OFFENSIVE STATS G - number of games played Prd/Min/Avg Min (ignore these 3 columns) FGA - field goal attempts (includes 2's and 3's) FGM - field goals made FG% - field goal percentage FTA - free throws attempted FTM - free throws made FT% - free throw percentage made 2ptA - 2 point attempts 2ptM - 2 point shots made 2pt% - 2 point shot percentage 3ptA - 3 point shot attempts 3ptM - 3 points shots made 3pt% - 3 point percentage made PTS - total points scored AvgPts - average points per game A - assists AvgA - average assists PF - personal fouls TRAV - traveling violations Stol - number of times ball was stolen from player DD - double dribbles BP - bad passes LV - lane violations ( 3 second violations) Turnovers - sum of the previous 5 DEFENSIVE G - games played OR - offensive rebounds DR - defensive rebounds TR - total rebounds AvgR - average rebounds per game Stl - steals CD - charges taken AS - altered shots BS - blocked shots


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