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Jessica Warner, Brenda Decrescente, Sarah Cozart, Kailynn Janis, Sarah Perez, Kiana Quarles, Leanna Boes, Angie Carrillo, and Isa Alcaraz enjoying 4-0 Win over Valhalla. Next up Helix on Thursday 1/26!


       Samantha Branson
     Giselle Cahill
     Linh Ann Cook
     Christine Croucher
   Julia Covington
     Deliah Enciso
     Josey Harmenson
     Ashley Harold
     Tanya Ieler
   Jensen McFarland
     Denisse Nunez
   Hannah Padilla
     Alexia Reyes
     Victoria Stroman
    Morgan Sterling
     Tori Taylor
   Breanna Vanhoose
     Sydney Williams
 Julia Zupher


Jessica goes up high to secure shutout!

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2011 Alumni Game

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