Tryouts Begin November 14th 4:00-8:00pm. Making the team! What to do NOW!!

Posted by Charlie Cleaves on Oct 04 2001 at 05:00PM PDT

Steele Canyon like all High Schools will hold open tryouts for all comers. Everyone is invited to tryout, and all positions are open every year! Simply the best players, and or the ones that can have the biggest impact on the field will make the team, regardless of class year. What does this mean in terms of you making the team? And what can you do now to prepare to make the team!

First, as coaches we're looking for players that always give 100% effort, have a positive attitude, and are in good SHAPE to play! YOU AS A PLAYER ARE IN CONTROL OF ALL OF THE ABOVE! Nobody can control your attitude or desire, come with both! If you are serious about making the team, you must be in shape at the time of tryouts! The season is too short to try to get in shape during the season. START TRAINING NOW!! Best bet is sprints, stair running and endurance work. Those in soccer shape at the time of tryouts will have an advantage when those not in shape are huffing, puffing, and wheezing!

All players will be fit tested using the COOPER TEST. Basically, you will be asked to run around the track for 12 minutes. This is a standard test and broken down as:

7-8 Laps - Superior
6-7 Laps - Excellent (MUST RUN A MINIMUM OF 6 1/2 LAPS FOR VARSITY and JV)
5-6 Laps - Good
4-5 Laps - Fair
0-4 Laps - Poor

This is an important test, and will be used if players are of equal ability and a "tiebreaker" is needed. Please work hard now to put yourself in the best possible position to make the team!

Second, technical and tactical ability. Your ability to play soccer! The best bet now is to play soccer! If you're not playing, find a ball now! The majority of the players in the program play for soccer clubs across the County. Start juggling (There will be a juggling test), kick against a wall, 1v1 with a friend, anything, and everything would be great!

In closing, come with a great attitude, be physically and mentally in shape, have confidence (don't be afraid to showoff!!), be versatile in terms of positions (There are only two positions, in the Program, or not in the Program!).





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