De La Salle Football Award Winners

Posted by Atif Lodhi on Jan 09 2008 at 04:00PM PST

 2008 Award Winners

Scout Team player of the year: Mike Grimm

Best Back Offense: Josh Sinagoga

Most Improved Back Offense: DeAngelo Parris

Best Lineman Offense: Richie Sciuto

Most Improved Lineman Offense: Joe Biernat

Best Receiver: Jim Martinez

Most Improved Receiver: Darryl Jackson

Best Defensive lineman: Ben Hayes

Most Improved Defensive Lineman: Eric Smith

Best linebacker: Dan Sorgi

Most Improved Linebacker: Mark Karam

Best Defensive Back: Jim Martinez

Most Improved Defensive Back: Tim Zabawa

Most Valuable Player: Jim Martinez

Most Valuable Player: John Martinez

Tom Bonino Award: Mark Karam

John Vitale Award: Brad Neaton

Hustler of the Year: Alex Pierse

Special Teams Player of the Year: John Martinez


2007 Award Winners 

 Freshman Football Team  
Most Improved John Mehall 
Mr. Hustle Hayden Crabtree  
Mr. Hustle Sean McQuade
Academic Excellence Scott Thierbacker 
Academic Excellence Joseph Wiles 
Academic Excellence Sean McQuade 
Academic Excellence Brendan Barkume 
Academic Excellence Dustin Bertelsen 
Academic Excellence Alexander Piontkowski 
 JV Football Team  
Offensive Award Steve Laudicina
Defensive Award Joe Biernat 
Most Improved Player Nick Frontczak 
Most Improved Player  Charlie Moore
Coaches Award  Mike Oles 
Varsity Football Team   
Team MVP  Chad O'Shell 
Special Teams Players of the Year  Kyle Torzy, John Martinez
Weight Lifter of the Year  Todd Culling
Best O-Lineman (John Vitale Award) Jordan King
Best Offensive Back Chad O'Shell
Best Linebacker  Chet Privett
Best Defensive Back  John Martinez

Best D-Linemen 

Steve O'Shell, Matt Privett

Best Receiver

David Blackburn
Most Improved Offensive Back Tim Zabawa
Most Improved O-Lineman Richard Sciuto

Most Improved D-Lineman

Ben Hayes
Most Improved Defensive Back Jimmy Martinez

Most Improved Linebacker

Scout Team Player of the Year

Hustler of the Year

Tom Bonino Award

Dan Sorgi

Joe Larocca

Fred Elias

William Mueller

2006 Award Winners 

Most Improved:

D-Line: Dan Karam
O-Line: Mike Riley
Back: Brian Lewis
DB: Chad O'Shell
LB: Fred Elias, Kyle Torzy
Receiver: David Blackburn

Most Valuable:

D-Line: Alex Hillman, Sam Lentine
O-Line: Alex Hillman, Anthony Vitale
Back: Jimmy Berezik
DB: Don Fowler, Jimmy Martinez
LB: Anthony Sabatella
Receiver: Don Fowler

Scout Team Award:

Andrew Binkowski
Robert Swantek

Mr. Hustle Award:

Anthony Sierawski
Patrick Sierawski

MVP Offense:

Jimmy Berezik

MVP Defense:

Anthony Sabatella
Shane Torzy

Team MVP:

Shane Torzy

MVP Special Teams:

Jason Shubnell

Tom Bonino Award:

Don Fowler

John Vitale Lineman Award:

Anthony Vitale

2005 Award Winners

Varsity Football Defensive Player of the Year Matthew Hayden
Varsity Football Special Team's Player of the Year James Berezik
Varsity Football Offensive Player of the Year Daniel Lomasney
Varsity Football Team's Most Valuable Player Donald  Fowler
Varsity Football Most Improved Defensive Player Sam Lentine
Varsity Football Most Improved Offensive Player James Berezik
Varsity Football Hustler of the Year (Spirit Award) Anthony Sierawski
Varsity Football Hustler of the Year (Spirit Award) Jared Buzo
Varsity Football John Vitale Award Matthew Hayden
Varsity Football Tom Bonino Award Jared Buzo
Varsity Football Weight Lifter of the Year Sam Hakim

2004 Award Winners
Varsity Football John Vitale Award Matthew Colagiovanni
Varsity Football Most Valuable Player Matthew Colagiovanni
Varsity Football Best Defensive Lineman Ryan  Arnot
Varsity Football Best Defensive Back Mike Rak
Varsity Football Best Linebacker Mike Oliver
Varsity Football Hustler of the Year John LaRocca
Varsity Football Team Spirit Award Matthew Colagiovanni
Varsity Football Best Receiver Bryan Murawski
Varsity Football Best Running Back John LaRocca
Varsity Football Best Offensive Lineman Rob Monarch
Varsity Football Tom Bonino Award Winner


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