Girls 2nd and Boys 6th at Bull Run

Posted by Donnie Mickey on Sep 23 2011 at 05:00PM PDT

Nice effort today, but we can do better.   Remember there is more to running than just doing the workouts.  Attitude, Desire, and Confidence could be more important than what you actually run.

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Boys:                                Girls:

Matt H: 18:38                   Miriam S: 22:10

Dan F: 19:04                     Kaitlin M: 22:45

Ben S: 19:33                      Kelley O: 22:51

Max A: 19:39                    Megan C: 23:11

Corey B: 19:57                  Becca P: 23:30

Riley B: 19:58                   Sydney S: 24:48

Sam L: 20:10                     Caitlyn S: 25:51

Dan O: 20:36                    Angela W: 26:03

Mike C: 20:45                  Jacelyn M: 26:04

Mike N: 21:08                  Jenna L: 26:08

Cam C: 21:11                     Liz D: 26:46

Brad E: 21:15                    Ashley B: 27:11

Nick S: 21:23                   Meaghan L: 27:22

Connor N: 21:47               Brenna O: 27:38

Adam W: 21:58




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