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Posted by BOB TWIDLE at Jan 3, 2006 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
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Posted by BOB TWIDLE at Dec 31, 2005 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !! I trust that everyone has had a good Xmas holiday renewing family ties and enjoying your friends. We have a busy schedule over the next week as we prepare to re-open our OISL season and the Indoor Cup round robin. Tuesday January 3 - ADP training at the Clubhouse with Joe Corapi. 12 pm - 2 pm ($10 per session) Tuesday January 3 - Mind to Muscle Strength and Agility training at Iceland arena - 7 pm - 8 pm Wednesday January 4 - Team training at the OSA Centre indoor from 10 am to 12 noon (We'll do a team lunch at the OSA following). Thursday January 5 - ADP training at the Clubhouse with Joe Corapi. 12 pm - 2 pm ($10 per session) Saturday January 7 - game at 10 pm vs North Miss. - on site by 9 pm or sooner please. Sunday January 8 - Ontario Indoor Cup - all day - please be on site by 10 am - pack lots of water and suitable nutrition to nibble on throughout the day. The full day's schedule is on the web site calendar. All of the above details are on your team web site. Nicole Chircop will be contacting you to make sure you are up to speed with the schedule. If anyone is transportation challenged please let me know and we'll try and sort out some car pooling. We need confirmation that everyone is continuing with the Mind to Muscle weekly training beginning January 10. The Tuesday 7 pm slot is confirmed and we are pending a possible change to 8 pm if another group bows out. The fee will be determined by the numbers attending ($160 per team session for 10 weeks) This will be payable to Mind to Muscle directly one we have the confirmed number. With the new year, we enter Phase Two of our training program. The season consists of 4 "PHASES". The first phase was Oct-Dec which was essentially a cool down period from the summer/fall with some competitive indoor games and practice play. We will stay primarily focussed on root skill development and start defining the standard fitness tests like the Beep Test. The second phase, Jan-March, continues with the skill focus but steps up the physical fitness demands with the Beep Test, other test measurement and expectations of additional personal training. Our third phase April-June will put fitness demands first while continuing to develop our soccer skills. Outdoor play and training will begin as soon as possible along with team runs and lots of non-stop scrimmage. Tournament play will begin in May for preparation for Ontario Cup and the beginning of our all important league play. We will enter our league play in the best physical shape possible so we are ALWAYS first to the ball at the opening kick-off and still first to the ball in the dying seconds of every game. The fourth phase, July-Sept, will see our fitness focus taper off to maintenance levels achieved mainly through tactical practice sessions. "Germans" will be an important measure of our outdoor fitness as will the occasional Beep Test outdoors. If I see our fitness levels dropping we will "top up" with some extra Germans. (Germans are timed figure 8 full field runs) This fitness surge will be a lot more FUN for those who take it seriously and work hard. BOB T