Posted by BOB TWIDLE on Jul 25 2006 at 05:00PM PDT
A positive 6-1 result and 3 more critical points in your quest. The coaching staff was convinced going into this game that we would face a tough opponent based on what we had seen in our scouting reviews of their games against others. We encouraged you to go into this game applying lots of pressure and playing YOUR game and not let North Miss get organized. Your performance was extraordinary with an opening goal in the first 3 minutes and you were in consistent control throughout the game. Congrats to Leanne, our birthday girl, who logged 3 of our 6 goals. Statistics Completed Passes 1st half - 123 2nd half - 124 A new team standard high that clearly illustrates your control in the game. Shots on net Eagles - 27 N Miss - 5 Corners Eagles - 6 N Miss - 1 (We didn't convert any of these - needs work) Offsides Eagles - 2 N Miss - 0 A reminder to all that you must maintain a high intensity game for the full ninety minutes even when you have a comfortable lead. Dropping your guard against a team that is turning up their effort can lead to unnecessary contact and injury. This doesn't mean you need to run up the score, but it does mean you have to stay focussed on good control and your possession game. Congratulations to all. You have sent a clear message to our soccer community that the Eagles are coming to get them. Our league division is split down the middle with only 4 teams that are anywhere near contention for the title. Still lots of season left and lots more to develop your game even further, so stay focused on maintaining your fitness away from the training field and study your soccer strategy through the many resources available to you. BT


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