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2009 Varsity Champs

Posted by Dave Rea at Nov 7, 2009 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
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The 2009 Jags Varsity Wins It All

Posted by Dave Rea at Nov 6, 2009 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
The Jaguars Varsity shutout the the Redskins and claimed their third Varsity Championship on Saturday. They finish at 8-0 on the season and raised their all time series record to 8-2 over the Redskins. The also avenged their loss from last season's Championship Game their only blemish on in the last 2 years as they are now 24-1 overall. Congratulations to Head Coach Paul Fowler, Assistants Mike Arena and Chris Calta and all the players and cheerleaders from the Varsity Jaguars! Buckeye Youth Football is proud of you!!
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Helmet Awards

Posted by Dave Rea at Aug 25, 2009 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
As I think everyone is aware the Jaguars Varsity awards paw prints to be worn on their helmets for both Offensive and Defensive plays during games. The awards are given out under a criteria for awarding them. For example if a player makes an interception he would get one award, if a player scores a touchdown on offense he would get one award along with the linemen involved in the play, all players receive an award for a win and for a shutout. The offense awards are worn on one side of the helmet and the defense on the other side.

The other award that is given out is the skull and crossbones with red eyes. This award is worn on the front of the helmet so that everyone can see it and is award less freguently, most years it had only a handfull of players earn it and not necessarily is one given for every game.

To earn this the player has to make a tackle or stop that is out of the ordinary, not just a hard tackle, but one that makes all the players, coaches and parents take notice, one that may blow a player out of his cleats, one that may make a player think he wasn't hit by a Jag, but a runaway truck, or as John Madden use to say a "Slobberknocker". Over the weekend there were 3 of those delivered in 4 games at Medina. One by Sean Spence and two by Trevor Thome. After practice tonight they received the first awards of the 2009 Season. The decals came from a sheet of stickers that has been around since the 1999 season, a testament to how few are given out each season in a Jaguar tradition carries alot of pride.

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Jags Win The 2009 Medina Kick Off Classic

Posted by Dave Rea at Aug 23, 2009 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
The Jaguars came out of the pool play portion of the Medina Kick Off Classic with 2 wins. They defeated the Medina Stallions 25-6 and followed that up by beating the Medina Broncos 13-6. They claimed the Number 2 spot in the 9 team pool at the end of Saturday.

The Jaguars defeated the #3 ranked CCYF Falcons by a score of 19-6 at Medina Sunday afternoon to advance to the Varsity Championship game against the #1 seeded Warrensville Cowboys. They then sealed the deal by defeating the Cowboys 7-6 on Sunday night at Medina High School and won the tournament.

Congratulations to Head Coach Paul Fowler, Assistants Mike Arena, Chris Calta and Bryan Willis, and all the Jaguars Varsity on an excellent weekend of football and bringing home the Kick Off Classic Trophy!

The Teal Black Attack Is Back!

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All Time Varsity Record

Posted by Dave Rea at Aug 22, 2009 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Year Won Loss Head Coach Post Season
1996 0 7 Dave Rea  
1997 0 7 Dave Rea  
1998 2 6 Dave Rea  
1999 6 3 Lee Mercer Varsity Champions
2000 8 0 Lee Mercer Varsity Champions
2001 4 4 Lee Mercer Made Playoffs
2002 4 3 Lee Mercer Made Playoffs
2003 5 3 Lee Mercer Made Playoffs
2004 9 1 Lee Mercer Varsity Runner Up
2005 1 7 Tom Hugney  
2006 2 6 Dave Kargle  
2007 4 5 Dave Kargle Made Playoffs
2008 12 1 Paul Fowler Varsity Runner Up
2009 12 0 Paul Fowler  Varsity Champions
2010 7 3 Paul Fowler Varsity Runner Up
2011 7 1 Paul Fowler Varsity Runner Up 
2012 3 0 Paul Fowler  
2012 3 2 Mike Arena Made Playoffs 
2013 1 6 Mike Arena Made Playoffs



         Mike Arena  
Totals 90 65 .581 Win Petcentage