<center>Helmet Awards</center>

Posted by Dave Rea on Aug 25 2009 at 05:00PM PDT
As I think everyone is aware the Jaguars Varsity awards paw prints to be worn on their helmets for both Offensive and Defensive plays during games. The awards are given out under a criteria for awarding them. For example if a player makes an interception he would get one award, if a player scores a touchdown on offense he would get one award along with the linemen involved in the play, all players receive an award for a win and for a shutout. The offense awards are worn on one side of the helmet and the defense on the other side.

The other award that is given out is the skull and crossbones with red eyes. This award is worn on the front of the helmet so that everyone can see it and is award less freguently, most years it had only a handfull of players earn it and not necessarily is one given for every game.

To earn this the player has to make a tackle or stop that is out of the ordinary, not just a hard tackle, but one that makes all the players, coaches and parents take notice, one that may blow a player out of his cleats, one that may make a player think he wasn't hit by a Jag, but a runaway truck, or as John Madden use to say a "Slobberknocker". Over the weekend there were 3 of those delivered in 4 games at Medina. One by Sean Spence and two by Trevor Thome. After practice tonight they received the first awards of the 2009 Season. The decals came from a sheet of stickers that has been around since the 1999 season, a testament to how few are given out each season in a Jaguar tradition carries alot of pride.



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