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NFL 18 – Miller can not believe TJ – Ward will be traded – NFL football field
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NFL 18 Fung – Miller can not believe that TJ-Ward will be traded by TDL_Flamen NFL football field recently, there is certain news that Denver Broncos is considering trading security guard TJ-Ward (T.J. Ward). Von Miller is incredible. "I thought it was a fake news. Miller said, “I think this is a big joke.” TJ has always been a good player, but here is the NFL, there are some things that make you dumbfounded. TJ is great, I can not find (trading his) reason. Mr. John Elway and the folks at the top have been keeping the organization in the right direction, and I will continue to try to win the championship for them. I can not believe that this is a fake news. I really do not believe it. According to the Denver Post reporter, Mustang not only received the hope of trading the phone, but also take the initiative to play the phone trying to trade Ward. Probably they want to save Ward that $ 4.5 million in wages. NFL 18 Cowboy Line Antanie – Hitchcitch injury without surgery – NFL football field
NFL 18 Cowboy Line Antony – Hitchhsias injury without surgery by TDL_Flamen NFL Rugby Field Dallas Cowboy Line Anthony Hitchens’ injury was not as bad as expected. The initial report was that Hitchhsi may be absent throughout the season, but further diagnosis showed that Hitchhashi’s injury was tibial plateau fractures, rather than ACL torn. Cowboy official website reported that the results of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging confirmed that Hizzy’s ligament is not damaged, the recovery process without surgery. Hitchhashi also do not have to enter the injury reserve list, is expected to return to eight weeks. But if everything goes well, he may return before the sixth week. Jaylon Smith and Justin Durant are expected to be the centerline during this time. NFL 18 Tigers line defender Philip Kete suspended the number of games to 3 games – NFL football field (Click to buy madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NFL 18 Tigers line defender Philip Kete ban number reduced to 3 games by TDL_Flamen NFL football field According to NFL Network reporter Ian – Lapopot (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Tigers line Wentai – Bo Fei Ke Te ( Vontaze Burfict) has been reduced from five games to three games. The reason for the suspension was that Burfield was in a collision with Anthony Sherman, the chief defender, on the day of August 19. He has also been in the 2015 season against Steelers in the playoffs in violation of player safety rules, and in the 2016 season was suspended three games. So far, the Union has been due to unnecessary rude action penalty Burke Kete nearly 800,000 US dollars. He will miss the game against the crow, the Texas and the packer.


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