TOP Ten players at fifa 18 gam players

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TOP9: Andrea Bellotti

Andreya Bellotti December 20, 1993 was born in Lombardy, Italy, near the city of Calgary town of Calznat, currently playing in Turin, wearing No. 9 jersey, he was on the front Season from Palermo after the transition to Turin to show an unparalleled football talent, came to Turin’s virgin season to contribute 12 goals. This season is the state out of control, the tournament starting 32 games scored 27 assists 5 times in the Serie A leader scorer list.

TOP7: Bernardo Sliva

Bernardo Sliva, the midfielder, played for the Monaco Club in France. Maybe some wealthy fans have long been familiar with this person, because he is almost every giants fans YY joined the object. As Monaco’s midfielder and core of the organization, Sliva’s ability is very comprehensive, this season he and Moutinho partner midfielder in the Champions League and France to kill the Quartet, scored 9 goals and 10 assists in the season. One of the initiators of the youth storm in Monaco.

TOP6: Osman Deng Beilei

Osman Deng Beilei, born in May 1997, the French teenager, the division winger with his 15/16 season effect Ryan period of stunning success caused by Dortmund’s attention, the latter last summer to 15 million euros in the price of success Dumbellena into the array.
In Tucall’s tune, Denberto became more and more a demon knife, he played in the right side of the road after the surprise, the tournament into nine balls and 19 assists in the Portuguese star Sanchez For the playing time less and trouble, Deng Beilei successfully beat him to become the most striking super-star of the Bundesliga this season.

TOP5: Dale Ali

Dale Ali was born on April 11, 1996, England football player, played for the England Football Super League club Tottenham Hotspur.
This season after the buddies like the emperor was born in general, with a foot scared four of the ball to turn the world wave so that fans around the world know him. Then stand the main Ali in the season scored 18 goals and 7 assists, not only help Tottenham to enter the title race, but also harvest the Premier League players this season, the best newcomer award. Can be described as the limelight no two.

TOP4: Saul Niggs

Saul Niggs is a midfielder, now playing for the Atletico Madrid Football Club. Although the Secretary of the avant-garde even midfielder, but Saul’s aggressive very strong, he often plug in the team to attack, and have a certain sense of interception. In the Atletico system, Saul gradually cut a striking figure, as a drag midfielder this season he scored eight goals and two assists, enough to prove his value

TOP3: Christian Priscilla

Christian Priscilla, now playing for Dortmund, is an American player. Plessage is not fixed, the speed and dribbling are very good ability of his left and right foot is very good, so can play the left winger can also be active in (visit our site to buy fifa 18 coins pc,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) the right. Because the age is too small, may be for the purpose of protection, Plessie more is to replace the identity of the play, even so, this season Plessic played 27 times, which received only 15 times, but But to produce the league 3 goals 6 assists good results. We have reason to believe that the future of him and Deng Beilei enough to make opponents fear the combination of wings.

TOP2: Ji’an Luigi Donahora
Ji’an Luigi Donahora, AC Milan young goalkeeper. Because the brother of 90 years of Antonio Dona Rama has also played for AC Milan, the same goalkeeper, so people often called Ji’an Luigi Dona Rama as “small Donaru horse.”
In the 2015 FIFA World Cup, when Donalumah is off the bench, everyone may ask: who is Donnarumma ??
But this bold substitution may actually be a prelude to the future of a top goalkeeper. Donarama in the subsequent game gradually replaced Lopez AC Milan as the main goalkeeper, their ability is on the one hand, but also must thank Mikhailovic for this bold idea to make sacrifices.
Speaking of this, have to say that the recent renewal of Donarama events, whether in this back (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins xbox one,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) is the promotion of brokers other things, Donarum Ma must face such pressure, because it is his own Choose, but to bear the infamy seems to have been on the board. Become the target of the public is not so good.
Ability is on the one hand, character is on the one hand, Xiao Tang must be clear. Do not do anything too, want to be Buffon, this is absolutely not work.


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