This cup is the most important word of this post !!!!

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This cup is the most important word of this post !!!!

I have the reason for afk is a variety of search resources, very irritable do not want to play, after all, a fight money game, playing money do not engage in any ghost ah, but later the class to play with several individuals, through the domestic agent to find Back to the future, pull me back to me also began to play again.

The results in the 1600 cup section of the money is easy to make! Every day can play five or six dead fish resources are (for more info about in the double 20w to double 50w between the special cool! Black water is less unstable how not to say.

I also deliberately sank to 1400 and up to 1900 to study and found that there are no nuts or no resources of the nine, or lurking in the low section of the rich but the oil can not beat the ten eleven.

My companion is the belief in the flow of fat, saying that since the beginning of the seven angels I have been used with the fat now, ha ha.

Playing the essence of fat flow is able to use fat and one or two bottles of treatment plus some (welcome to our Clash Of Clans Gems site ) small hairs to remove one or two air defense rockets! Bombers do guide the role in the fat to determine a direction and then the next queen and the rest Of the horses with the push, but the Queen and the fat side of the walk is not good and a lot of time the Queen as the demolition of the role of the third anti-aircraft rocket (slippers Wang I have been drinking black water to sleep)

Details of the armed forces are as follows: Angel * 2 fat * 16 Master * 8 bomb * 8 beard & bows * 32

Obsessive-compulsive disorder method is as follows: every time after the troops in each barracks double Master four fat (first point of the Master Oh), finished a wave back to each barracks double bombs, the first two barracks 16 beard and bows, After the two barracks at the point of an angel, so that the same time to build the same friends, super comfortable (point of yellow hair and bows and arrows can be two points together).

Syrup on the treatment * 3 violent * 1 to speed up * 1, usually more concerned about the syrup factory to the four syrup points do not idle down, because most of the fight is dead fish, so no poison, and most of the time to play a Will only use one or two bottles of treatment, violent will be saved. A few cases will be consumed, the consumption of a bottle, there are several times to put a bottle of treatment, would like to switch to the results on the yellow hair did not point !!! Then I two or three bottles of treatment when the throw into the open space Moment of heaven and earth can not sleep in love ah !! Then the fight back to me to open the water plant to speed up.

On the opening speed, I often open for an hour, my diamond has long been 1300 +, but I did not buy a diamond ornaments in the store I feel that nothing ah, might as well open faster cost-effective.

Remember that the acceleration must be in the morning, the morning to open the fish more time this time, is not most people do not get up? Hey afternoon afternoon do not like the afternoon we will play one or two fish and nothing to update every must Hesitate to open! Apple users than Andrews updated early landing all the big fish every time you can make a fortune update.

Plan through the acceleration of time, four or five minutes a wave of soldiers, really is the speed of training Oh.

On a lot of people do not upgrade the collector, I would like to say, the total can not because the school may have bully grab me money this small probability event, and not the pocket money to the bar, and sometimes just the resources will spend the fine light. No water to build soldiers, no money to fish, high-level collector for a while to make up the capital.


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