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Posted by euclidean bell on Aug 04 2017 at 12:30AM PDT

Blogging has become a way of life today. Writing or following blogs on social media have become quite common. An easy way to earn money through blogging is by advertising or selling guest posts. avatarbazaar is an online platform which provides an opportunity for bloggers to sell or buy blogs. According to sources, bloggers can earn money by selling guest posts. This can be reportedly done by mentioning brands, websites, products, media properties etc in their posts.

On being contacted, a representative for avatarbazaar has this to say, “After bloggers have automated the content creation process, they can market the blogs for setting up prices and sponsorships. We provide auctions for bloggers to trade with media authorities. One can post his/her auction/sale and start the sales process. We help in marketing the auctions to specialized audiences.”

An article given on the website offers advice to the bloggers on how to earn money through guest posts. It says that one can have control over the supporting of brands or products. One can also be selective in the process of choosing the sponsors or simply mention them in the article. Or one can dedicate an entire blog or post in order to promote the sponsor. These decisions are up to the bloggers and this decision will determine the price for the guest posts and also depending on the authority of the blogs.

The blog further says that one has better chance of selling guest posts by creating good content, implementing a sound SEO, better marketing social media skills in order to create large following thereby gaining more authority. It also suggests hiring good and suitable writers in order to increase content quality. The blog suggests the website ‘’ for trying out writers quickly since the site has a large network on the same platform. For more information please visit

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It is a well known online marketplace to sell or buy web properties. avatarbazaar was founded in 2016. It also allows one to sell applications, websites, and other digital properties.

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