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Lettas Developers, an emerging real estate business firm, has announced their plans for the New Year. “The new year plan is out. We envisage sheltering thousands of people with new homes this year. We also envisage giving investment opportunities to thousands of investors,” a spokesperson for the firm said.

Lettas Developers is one of the forerunners when it comes to real estate. The firm has helped a number of people get their dream homes over the years. The firm has also given investment opportunities to a number of people. “We provide homes in the most affordable prices. You could compare our prices with other firms. You will realize we offer homes at the best deals. We see to it that our clients get their dream home without worrying about how they are going to pay for it,” the spokesperson had said.

In a recent interview, an insider of the firm talked at length about Lettas Developers. He said, “We are a young real estate business firm. But we have built a strong foundation to ensure we function smoothly in the years to come. We have completed a number of projects within the first few years of our business. To reach out to a larger number of people and to let people know about us in detail, we have also developed our official website”

Talking about plans for the New Year, he said, “We have decided that we will let thousands get their dream homes within this year. We know we can do this since we offer homes in the most affordable prices in the shortest time.” He further inserted that real estate is a good investment opportunity and that they will strive to help thousands grab the opportunity. He also said that the motive of the firm was to provide professional services at affordable prices to the people and budding investors. For more information please visit

About is an emerging real estate business firm based in Kenya. The firm offers affordable homes. They also give investment opportunities to budding investors by providing affordable homes.

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4th Floor, MayFair Suites, Westland, Nairobi

According to latest reports UK Contact Numbers which is a credible online telecom directory has introduced a new range of exclusive service that is equipped with the resource to connect all well known companies and government institutions and departments across the United Kingdom.

In an exclusive telephonic interview the Managing Director of the company stated that the niche service has been tailored keeping in mind the inconvenience and hurdles faced by the masses in finding important contact numbers of most well known companies and government agencies in times of urgent requirements. The particular service he said has been made available with the sole intent to save time and effort put into to source all important contacts across various avenues.

With the platform the company has provided and put in place it has been ascertained that one can effortlessly connect to all important helpline or support centre with ease and convenience. Once the number is retrieved in the portal in the click of a button it can be connected to the customer service of the company directly or dedicate helpline and in some cases on both the channels for communication purposes.

The developing team of the company cited that in order to improve user experience in the website the company has conveniently included quick menu features in the web pages to save the duration of time required while one is making a call. Additionally it has been reported that operating call procedures and protocols has been terminated in order to shorten the duration and get to the helpline directly without having to wait longer.

It has also been informed that all important metadata are also included along with the contact information to elevate the user experience more efficiently. On further query it was also ascertained to the staff reporters that the company also provided call recording features in case of client demand. This they stated can improve dealing with customer by keeping a track of all procedural routines of its employees and client end to end conversation.

The security team were quick to brief that confidential information are exempted from follow up recording to safeguard the privacy of its clients and users that is eventually in accordance with the UK PCI compliance. Furthermore in order to avail the recording facility it is mandatory for the end users to contact the company for further terms and conditions.

All calls made through the platform are reported to be fairly priced with charges as less as 7 to 13 pence depending on the type of network one is trying to access on a per minute basis. The company also highlighted that prompt request can be made for new companies to add their contacts through their website and make their presence felt across the online directory. For more information on UK ontact Numbers click

About UK Contacts Number

The Company is equipped with the best online directory from across the UK and also provides end to end voice over internet protocol facility. With this platform one can conveniently connect to all crucial helpline numbers and support centre of all important companies and government agencies in the click of a button effortlessly on the go.

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Latest reports show that more and more number of people are reporting to medical institutions with bad cases of hemorrhoids. With inflammation and swelling, it becomes really difficult for individuals to lead a normal life without having to live through excruciating pain. With high amounts of rectal bleeding without any signs of pain, patients suffering from internal hemorrhoids are advised to keep a close track of the symptoms.

Individuals suffering from external hemorrhoids suffer from burning and pain in the affected areas. There is visible swelling in the infected area around the sphincter and it is also accompanied by itching. The high level of people suffering from this mostly owes itself to a poor diet system. It is said that the average adult does not have an adequate intake of fiber and fluids in their diet. Additionally, the sedentary lifestyle that we lead also causes such problems in the body. Healthy physical activity includes exercises like running, different sports, skipping, etc, except for sedentary exercises like cycling.

Such an active lifestyle will eventually reduce the pressure of excessive body weight and thereby reduce the discharge of lengthy and painstaking sitting on the toilet. depending on the severity of the condition, patient are administered different forms of treatment, varying from conservative procedures to minor to major surgery. The conservative procedures mostly include prevention methods meant for minor conditions. Individuals are advised to include enough fiber in their diet, maintain a strict drinking schedule, spreading sitz baths, and apply various types of ointment like creams, gels and suppositories. Minor surgeries are advised for those conditions that have passed the prevention period. It is mostly handled on an outpatient basis. This means there is no subsequent incapacity. The rubber band litigation is used only in certain countries. Almost always, it is used as the first seeded form of treatment for the patients. For more information please visit

hemeroidy is the leading website dedicated to treating hemerroids. It is a reliable site for individuals seeking different forms of treatment. All information offered in the website are authentic and well researched.

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Easy Book, the online platform for ferry ticket booking has officially become the largest online ticket booking service for the year 2016. Its services extend to the whole of Southeast Asia. The latest development has further leveraged the company for other foreign ventures.The company currently owns more than 300 bus operators across the sub continent. These operators are wide ranging, covering more than 10,000 routes across the entire of Southeast Asia.

With the vast array of operators, customers get the liberty to pick and choose the kind of service that they want. The core value at the company’s service centre has been to keep up with the consistency in providing some of the best services for all of the customers. Customers who have had the privilege of making use of the company’s services have made known the fact that the booking experience is completely hassle free as compared to the other counterparts in the industry. Most of the regular users will reveal that all it takes is just a few clicks before the bookings are finalized. One of the latest features introduced by the company has been the instant travel service. This allows for any individual to plan a trip on an instant and be on their way immediately.

For such services, the company can even make arrangements for taxi services to pick up the passengers from the comfort of their own home. The company was founded back in the year 2005 and has become the main platform for all travel bookings in Malaysia and Singapore. Over the years, the company base has grown rapidly and today is catering to people living in all parts of South East Asia. Under the ambit of the company, it also covers other areas of transport services like KTM Train Tickets, Local Tours booking service and car rentals. For more information please visit

Easybook is a leading website set in Malaysia and Singapore. Founded in the year 2005, it has become a one stop site for people looking to book bus tickets. It has sold more than 1 million tickets in Southeast Asia alone.

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The recent years has indicated a revolutionary competitiveness among different companies in the insurance industry. Companies today are fighting over each other to win over consumers. This gives the liberty of choice among the consumers.Despite the wide variety of choice to pick from, consumers are still confused as to which one to choose. As per the reviews by most experts, it is said that there is no one insurance scheme that fits all.

Therefore, consumers ought to choose one plan that fits their needs and requirements. The services offered by the mutual comparators have become indispensible. Such companies online offer professional information, which will help guide the choice of the consumer. This in turn will facilitate the search of the different insurance companies with their different plans. Statistics show that although these services are numerous and are vital tools for the consumers to be able to save their insurance budgets as well as conserve their time and effort, the services are under rated.

As a matter of fact, the roles played by such companies have been poorly known in the past years. With attempts made by experts, the average adult is slowly learning about the benefits of making use of such services. The computer tool covers all areas like health, auto, retirement, etc. the solution allows the users to explore with an advantage the benchmarking of the mutual guarantees, which are proposed by the different insurance companies. This will help the individuals to find the most suitable choice. To ensure an unbiased understanding of the latest market trends, it is imperative that the comparator must stay as independent as possible from all the insurance companies that it is comparing. With objectivity as its aim, the results are fruitful to the consumers. With global worldviews, all information must be as professional and clear as possible. For more information please visit

The aayassur is a leading website that offers reliable information concerning insurance plans. It is a frontrunner in the insurance industry. It currently offers some of the best comparator tools in the market.

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