Train for Injury Prevention with CSSA Senior Softball Readiness Video Library

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Jan 05 2022 at 02:37PM PST

The Spring 2022 season is only a few months away! The Cherokee Senior Softball Association has always placed great importance on player safety in the game setting and has implemented rules, equipment requirements and other measures in support of our mission of safety and fun on the field. Playing softball in our fun and fast-paced league is a great physical and social experience, and one that can take us into our eighties and beyond! But many players experience injuries that take them out of the game or even out for the season.

The most common injuries are hamstring and quad pulls, back and shoulder injuries. Even professional athletes that train full time still injure themselves. But by preparing your body for the upcoming season, you can lower your risk of injury and maybe even improve your performance.

We’re proud to introduce our new* “CSSA Softball Readiness Video Library,”* created by Kent Burden, a player in our league, retired wellness coach, personal trainer, and health and wellness author. His client list included celebrities, NFL, NBA and MLB players. The video library is broken into three sections or PLAYLISTS: core, arm and lower body exercises that require only resistance bands and can be done without a gym membership or any fancy equipment. The video library is set up so you can choose the exercises that best fit your fitness abilities, or you can do them all. It’s up to you.

After watching the introduction video, be sure to click on the PLAYLISTS tab, to see the videos grouped by category for easy-to-follow workouts. Coming soon, in time for the start of our 2022 Spring season, the video library will also include pregame warmup and stretch routines so you can be ready to perform your best and safest at game time.

To check it out, either click on the VIDEO LIBRARY tab in the banner above this article* and follow the link from there, or just click the link below:

And here’s a link directly to the PLAYLISTS to see the workouts:


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