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2016 Peewee Bracket

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2016 Peewee Bracket

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2016 Jr Peewee Bracket

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Jr. Peewee Bracket.

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2016 Mitey Mite Bracket

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On November 5th and 6th Teams from Central New York, Greater Rochester Western New York. Tri Valley, Rockland and Mid Hudson will kick off the first ESC Mitey Mite Bowl. Come on out and enjoy some great football by the 7, 8 and 9 year olds that play in this division.

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Can you smell what the ESC is cookin!!!!!!!
For the first time in its tenure the ESC will be hosting at the Football Level – Mitey Mites.
The Mitey Mites will play no more than two (2) games under the banner of the Empire State Classic.

Please join with me in welcoming the newly plated seeds of our program an follow them as they grow into mighty oaks.

Hey! MITEY MITES – like your cheer counterparts – WELCOME TO THE EMPIRE STATE CLASSIC.

The 2016 Football venue will start the weekend of November 5th/6th with games hosted by Rockland, Capital District, Tri-Valley, and Central New York.

Good luck to all.

ESC Executive Committee

*Admission * $15.00 per person
Free for children under 3


Cheerleaders and their Rostered Coaches will be seated in the lower level. Spectators will be seated in the Balcony (there are no bad seats).


Will be in a room on the 2nd floor as well as a few in the main lobby.


Food will be available in two (2) areas. One (1) on the second floor outside the entrance to the balcony and they will have “snacks.” In the main hallway on the second floor (to the right) will be pizza, wraps, salads etc….

The Cheerleaders and Dance squads can bring food into the Theater.

Below are some places for everyone to eat, if anyone choses to leave for lunch> many of the places are within walking distance to the Stanley. Swifty’s and Ancora are the Stanley’s neighbors.

Swifty’s is right next to the Stanley

You can view their menu on this site.

Also on the other side of the theater is Ancora. It is a more upscale Italian restaurant. Nice place…excellent food.

If anyone wants to venture out, there are several cute places going north on Genesee St.

• Bite Bakery….
• Utica Bread…
• Utica Coffee Roasting…
• Bella Regina….

(Within walking distance of the theater)
If you have people staying at Fairfield and Hampton and Holiday Express….there is a Denny’s
and a cute breakfast place not too far from there called Top O’ the Morning’

There is also another nice steak house, which has good Italian food as well called Delmonico’s.

The girls do not come in at the main entrance so if you are looking at the building (see bad drawing below)…

If you have someone who is disabled please do not have them try to get up the stairs…there is an elevator. Have them come in the spectator entrance them turn right once they are in the building and go into the lobby where the cheerleaders are coming in. There is a ramp and an elevator for them to use.