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HS Tennis Information- 3/29

Posted by HS Tennis at Mar 24, 2016 5:12PM PDT

Attention Parents:

This coming Tuesday, March 29, is our District Tennis tournament at Memorial Park. The following players will be participating:

Shaunak Seth
Amit Kavadi
Justus Veraart
Inigo Acha-Orbea
Yash Agarwal
Parin Thakkar

Helen Zhang
Femke Nejits
Divya Rath
Paulina Dominguez
Katie Wang
Patricia Palencia-Burgos

We need to be at Memorial Park to warm up around 7:30am, so will need to leave school at 645am. Please arrange to have your son/daughter at school by this time. We will depart from the Moore Gym. If you want to bring your son/daughter to Memorial Park yourself, that is fine, but please let Coach Lamore know.

This is a single elimination tournament, so if a player or double team loses on Tuesday, he/she/they are done for the tournament and may return to school. If you want your son/daughter to return to school immediately after a loss on Tuesday, please be in contact with them via cell phone, arrange to pick them up, and return them to school. Be sure to visually confirm with Coach Lamore.

If a singles player or doubles team wins 3 matches on Tuesday, they will play again on Wednesday morning. The top 4 players/teams from each division will advance to the State Tournament in Waco on 4/11-4-13.

Lunch and drinks will be provided at the tournament.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Lamore at his cell phone: 832-984-1076.

HS Tennis Weekly Recap 3/21

Posted by HS Tennis at Mar 24, 2016 7:10AM PDT

The Viking Tennis Team played back-to-back matches on Monday and Tuesday this week to complete our TAPPS regular season. Monday’s match at Northland Christian went 3-5 overall. On the girls’ side Helen Z and Femke N played singles, while Divya R partnered with Katie W and Rhea M partnered with Patricia P-B. On the boys’ side Shaunak S and Andonis M played our singles’ lines, and Yash A partnered with Parin T in doubles.

On Tuesday the Vikings played Ft. Bend Baptist at home and went 4-4 overall. Again Helen Z and Femke N again played our #1 and #2 singles’ lines while Divya R partnered with Paulina D and Katie W partnered with Patricia P-B. Shaunak S led us at #1 singles with Amit K playing our #2 singles. Justus V and Inigo A-O played our #1 doubles line, while Vishal P and Andonis M won a tight tiebreaker at #2 doubles to earn Village the draw.

HS Tennis Recap 3/10

Posted by HS Tennis at Mar 11, 2016 5:47AM PST

On Thursday 3/10 the rain held off and allowed the Village Tennis Team to play a home match vs. John-Paul XXIII. The overall result was 8-5. Everyone on the team got to play at least one match, and some played two.

Shaunak S and Amit K swept the boys’ singles lines, and our boys doubles split their matches. Inigo A-O and Justus V won, while Vishal P and Devan S lost in a tiebreaker. Yash A and Nick D also won at doubles.

On the girls’ side, Helen Z won our #1 singles line and doubles with Katie W. Femke N and Divya R also both played singles and doubles with Paulina D. Katie W also played at #2 doubles with Patricia P-B and played a singles match as well.

High School Tennis Recap 3/8

Posted by HS Tennis at Mar 9, 2016 9:11AM PST

Bad weather drove the Village Tennis team’s match vs Emery Weiner indoors on Tuesday 3/8. The overall score was 2-6, with the Emery girls sweeping the girls’ lines. Helen Z and Femke N played our singles lines, while Sandhya S partnered with Paulina D and Patricia P-B partnered with Katie W. On the boys side Shaunak S had the unenvious but heroic task of battling the reigning state champion at 1S. Amit K played our 2S line and pulled out a win.. And in what was most likely a preview of the district and state boys doubles matchup, Inigo A-O and Justus V won an exciting match at the boys 1D position. Rounding out the day’s play was Yash A and Andonis M, who played our boys’ 2D line.

High School Tennis Blazes the Courts

Posted by HS Tennis at Mar 8, 2016 6:50AM PST

The Village Tennis team played Second Baptist on February 23rd at the Ashford Community courts. Winter returned to Houston literally during the match, as temperatures fell and winds gusted, making play difficult for all. The boys took 3 out of 4 matches, leading Village to a 5-3 overall decision. For the boys Vishal P and Amit K played our singles lines, while Inigo A-O partnered with Shaunak S and Parin T partnered with Devan S in doubles. For the girls, Aanchal J and Helen Z played singles, while Divya R partnered with Sandhya S and Katie W partnered with Rhea M.

On March 1st, the Village Tennis team traveled to Pasadena to play Lutheran South Tuesday afternoon. Overall, the Vikings went 3-5. For the Vikings, Aanchal J and Helen Z played ladies singles, while Shaunak S and Vishal P played the boys’ singles lines. The doubles’ lines were played by Divya R & Paulina D and Femke N & Patricia P-B for the ladies, and Inigo A-O & Justus V and Yash A & Amit K for the boys. Match play was highlighted by Helen, who outlasted her opponent in the longest match of the day: 6-3, 6-4.