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2014-09-09T09:45:50.000-07:00September 09 2014, at 09:45 AM PDT, Dom Ramos said:

2015 Class,

Solid work yesterday! I had a good time seeing y'all take control and improve your game. Here's a breakdown of what we went over...

Infield is the FIRST Line of Defense. Do everything in our power to keep every ball in the infield.

1 - Ready Position (Have yourself ready)
2 - Blocking (Use your body, keep it in)
3 - Side to Side (Dive, Slide)
4 - Up and Back (Drive, Stay low, Go get it)
5 - Glove Down (Scraping the ground to start and as we go)

I bet ya'll already remembered what the 5 parts were! We'll refer back to these when needed. We're building a solid fundamental foundation.

Next time we will work on Ball Control.

2012-09-02T21:09:17.000-07:00September 02 2012, at 09:09 PM PDT, Fort Bend Texans said:

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