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August Meeting

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association at Aug 8, 2015 6:15AM PDT

CSSA Board of Directors Meeting
August 3, 2015

Present: Dewey Hom, Commissioner; Paul Knotts, Vice Commissioner; Glenn Peacock, Secretary; Ken Taylor, Treasurer; Peter Fowler, National League Director; Warren Butler, American League Director; Ron O’Donnell, Master League Director; Bruce Stokes, Interim Lowell Lawson League Director; Jerry Bohacek, Interim Legends League Director; Terry Cartledge, Player Representative

Absent: Ray DeLuca, Senior League Director; Randy Bergman, Legacy League Director; Dewey Hom called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm
Secretary Minutes: Read and discussed, voted on unanimously to accept as presented.
Treasurers Report: Beginning balance $10,396.45. Ending balance $5,638.47
Revenue: $450.02
Expenditures: $2268.00
Treasurers Report was discussed and voted on unanimously to accept as presented.
Topics discussed:
Fall Season: August 11. Tuesday night.
August 17 and 19. Monday morning and Wednesday morning and evening.
October 26 is designated as the last possible week to complete the Fall 2015 season.
If rainouts occur, the schedule will be followed as printed. Make ups will be rescheduled.
League updates: No issues presented by those in attendance.
All teams managers need to accurately submit their rosters to the League Director as soon as possible.
Lowell Lawson League: Needs someone to become a manager. Anyone interested should contact Bruce Stokes.
Board Elections: Nominations are being accepted. Submit any nominations to a member of the Board of Director. Each nomination will go through a review process by the Board of Directors.
Arnold Fowler and Lowell Lawson nominations are also being accepted. All nominations must be accompanied by a paragraph, stating nominees qualifications. Send Arnold Fowler nominations to Glenn Peacock Nominations will be accepted up to 30 September, 2015

Other Topics:
AED/CPR Training: Training will take place between the Fall and Spring season.
Future Topics: The potential of raising the sponsor and player fees.
Next meeting August 31, 2015. All are welcome to attend.
Adjourned at 7:40pm
Respectfully submitted by
Glenn H. Peacock

Present: George Stroh, Commissioner; Paul Knotts, Vice Commissioner; Glenn Peacock, Secretary; Dewey Hom, Treasurer; Terry Cartledge, American League Director; Ron O’Donnell, Master League Director; Ray DeLuca, Senior League Director; Anthony Roberts, Legacy League Director; Mike Ryan, Lowell Lawson League Director; Lee Molway, Legends League Director; Ken Taylor; Player Representative

Absent: Peter Fowler, National League Director

George Stroh called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

This months meeting were suspended so that Sarah Stetson, web designer could give a presentation on the need to update our CSSA Softball website. Also in attendance were Yvonne Cartledge, Anne Ryan and Katherine Stickels. Ms. Stetson after reviewing our present web site suggested that we update our site so that information could be entered in a more timely and user friendly manner. A need for multiple users to input data independent of each other needs to be implemented. A software system needs to be either purchased or created to be compatible with our present out-dated system. Several suggested were discussed and types of payments were explained. (monthly vs. yearly) Whether pop up ads would be tolerated or could be eliminated. Excellent input by Anne Ryan and Yvonne Cartledge was consider as they will become the principle webmasters who will become responsible for inputting the players stats in a more timely manner. Research had been done comparing our website to others throughout the country. We are 1 of 2 that input players statistics into the website.

It was decided that Sarah Stetson working with Anne Ryan, Yvonne Cartledge and Katherine Stickels would investigate and report back to the Board at next month meeting on what would be the best system to purchase. Sarah Stetson would also present what cost would be involved in purchasing said system.
Sarah Stetson stated her cost to research and implement the new system would be under $1000.00.

It was the hope of the Board to have the system (including training of personnel) ready for the fall softball season. This portion of the meeting ended at 7:25 p.m.

The regular meeting began at 7:30 p.m.

Secretary Minutes read and discussed. Correction to last months minutes: Under training: should read stats not states.
Minutes discussed and passed unanimous.
Treasurers Report: Beginning amount $11,154.71. Ending amount $11,048.95.

Softball and scorebooks and schedules have been purchased.

Dewey Hom thanked the Directors for the way the managers and players adhered to the guidelines in paying their dues and completing the registration and waiver forms.

An Audit of the treasurers records are to be done next month.

Dewey Hom reported that we are incorporated as CSSA Inc.

Motion was made to change our name from CSSA to CSSA, Inc. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer Report discussed and passed unanimous.

Topics discussed:

Liability Insurance: Ron O’Donnell is gathering information on cost for Liability Insurance.

Start of Spring Season: Reported that no problems have been encountered. Each league can establish their own rain make ups schedule.

Some new and replacement jersey’s are on back order.

Sponsors: A discussion on getting sponsors to commit in a more timely manner was initiated. This was done so scheduling and ordering of jersey can be done so not to create confusion at the beginning of the season. It was proposed that when sponsors are given tickets to our end of the season banquet they would be asked to sponsor and commit at that time rather than after the first of the year.

Chick-fil-A, Custom Graphics, Delta Credit Community and El Ranchero have still not paid

Compensation: Payment to Katherine Stickels for her work operating our webstite of $595.00 was discussed and voted. Passed unanimously.

Payment to Anne Ryan for her work of inputting stats, working on the softball schedules and designing the pamphlets, in the amount of $300.00 was discussed and voted. Passed unanimously. Mike Ryan abstained.

Other Items: Use of pitching nets. The use of pitching nets were discussed. It was stated that many if not most senior softball leagues are incorporating the use of a pitching net to protect pitchers from balls hit at them. Presently the CSSA has one net in their possession. Several CSSA leagues have already incorporated the use of the pitching net in this years games.

Ray DeLuca stated he would start using the pitching net in the Monday morning Senior league this year.

A motion was made and discussed to purchase another pitching net. It was passed 7-1.

A motion was made for all leagues to start using the pitching net as soon as possible. This motion was discussed and voted on. It passed 6-2.

The use of the pitching nets would be implemented as soon as an additional pitching net could be purchased. Ray DeLuca would do the purchasing.

Lee Molway handed out a set of bylaws to be reviewed by the board for discussion at next month meeting.

A date for the CSSA Fall Banquet was set for November 1, 2014.

Next meeting May 5, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the Recreation Center.

Adjourned at 8:39 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Glenn H. Peacock
CSSA Secretary