U-7 Development Skates and Evaluation Sessions

Posted by U-7 (1) on Sep 04 2021 at 09:50AM PDT

U-7 Initiation Program Information

The first years of hockey need to be a positive experience. A fun and exciting start gives young players the opportunity to enjoy hockey for life! If a beginner has fun, develops basic skills and builds confidence, there is a better chance they will enjoy themselves. But if the early experience is unrewarding, they may never discover all Canada’s game has to offer. Timbits U7 hockey should be delivered through a progressive, learn-to-play teaching curriculum for 4, 5 & 6 year olds. Children learn best through practice drills and skill sessions, as well as informal games like shinny, freeze tag and obstacle courses. The skills of skating, puck control, passing and shooting are introduced and refined one step at a time. The focus should always be on fun and skill development, but the early years of hockey should also allow youngsters to experience fitness, fair play and cooperation.

New Changes this season

Player evaluation/selection cannot be scheduled prior to the start of the school year.
Give local hockey associations and parents back the summer – the season does not need to start this early only to be finished at the end of January or early in February (start later and end later).
Give local hockey associations a chance to get organized and begin planning. The start of school year can be very stressful for young players, and they do not need hockey evaluations starting at the same time as the school year.
New Requirements:

Minimum of four practices and/or skill sessions prior to formal player evaluation/ selection.
Minimum of three formal evaluation/selection sessions. Recommend one skills session, one small-area games session, one cross-ice game.
A player’s first experience in the new hockey season should not be a formal evaluation – this gives all players the opportunity to get back on the ice in a ‘player-friendly’ scenario.
Level the playing field; not all players have a chance to go to hockey schools or prep camps prior to the start of the season .Provide local hockey associations the opportunity to run their own prep camp instead of members spending money outside the association
Player evaluation/selection must be a minimum of three formal sessions. Recommendation is one skills session, one small-area games session and one cross-ice game.
Players need a chance to be evaluated – standardization means transparency, fairness and consistency.
Provide coaches with the foundation for a solid and quantifiable evaluation
Players are grouped with like-ability players for maximum growth. Players should not be cut. Hockey Canada recommends 18 players per team. Tiering can be done by team or by association to ensure skill-based balance.

The cost of the TMHA Initiation registration for the 2021-2022 season is $300.00 (This is an all in fee which covers your registration, insurance and ice for the season).

Registration is available at this time through the HCR by credit card payment. Future dates for cash and cheque options will be available soon.

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