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Cute Guy, Messed Up Teeth

by Singles, 2021-04-01T05:21:54.000-07:00April 01 2021, at 05:21 AM PDT

image Note: This reader urgently asked the BSG not to post her name or email address. Gentle Readers…the BSG never posts names or email addresses and usually strips out any geographic identifiers (like cities) as well. There is safety in anonymity, the BSG believes. Dear Bitter Single Guy: I met a guy recently that I’m very attracted to that also has a nice personality but has... [more]
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Relationship Advice: I'm a very critical person

2021-03-11 05:43 PST by Singles

Dear Loveawake: What do you do if you are always picking people apart? I am very critical of not only myself but everyone I meet. I seem t... [more]

Growth = Trial, Error and Experimentation

2020-08-27 07:20 PDT by Serge Clocker

It feels good to be posting again. I’m super busy these days, but I wanted to share a story on here that is very relevant to getting real ... [more]

All She Wanted Was for Him to “Fight for her?”

2020-05-22 10:00 PDT by Serge Clocker

A reader named Kate dumped her man. Twice-ish. He doesn’t really want to come back for another round (she doesn’t say why, but I have to a... [more]

So, I Just Got Dumped

2020-03-05 02:13 PST by Singles

I shouldn’t actually say I got dumped, because technically we only went on two dates. So maybe the word “rejected” is a better term to use... [more]

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