Games Posted - we have a BYE Opening Day (will practice though)

Posted by Angels-MB on Feb 16 2020 at 11:16PM PST

You may have received the Team Pages Announcement that the Game Schedule has been posted – and it HAS!!!
You may also have noticed that we do NOT have a game listed for Opening Day, 2-29-2020.
We ended up with a Bye this day – there are 5 teams in our division, so that means that every week the teams will rotate through the others and will usually play 2 games a week. But there will be a rotating Bye, some some weeks we will only have 1 game.
Please be aware that the Game Schedule MAY CHANGE at any time throughout the season. PALL may change games for many reasons and will update the master calendar in Team Pages and it will be reflected in our team calendar as well. So PLEASE always double check and be sure to pay attention to our calendar, our game reminders and you can always call or text me as well.
I know we’re all getting anxious for games, and we’re racing to get the players ready as well. We have a limited few practices left and I hope we can all make every effort to get the players there so we can fine-tune some things and come out strong in the beginning of the season and build up the whole way through. We have a VERY strong and talented team and will be showing off our skills and shooting for 1st Place trophies!

Coach Mel
P.S. We are looking to get a field for a practice Opening Day, so please stay tuned for more info on the time and location and it will be added to our Team Calendar and a message sent out.


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