Shouts Outs & Thursday Batting Practice

Posted by Melissa Wicklund on Feb 11 2020 at 10:53PM PST

WOW – we are killin’ it so far team!

We have some shout outs to share with the group – thanks to the individuals involved in these efforts:

1) Jerseys & Hats are off and getting printed for our awesome team – plus a RAD custom team banner. WOOT WOOT!

2) Team Sponsors have been secured… not just ONE – but TWO! Bunch of over-achievers we are!

3) Representation at the Team Parent Meeting & Scorekeepers Clinic
- We had BY FAR the biggest showing for scorekeepers/pitch counters clinic and it shows our level of dedication and involvement as a team, as well as making this season run smoothly and being more prepared for game time baby!
- PLEASE message/text me on if you’re still highly interested in scorekeeping/pitch counting (we only do one of these at a time for each game) as I need to assign ADMIN rights to 2 people in GameChanger, and we can have others as back-ups (so let me know which one you’d prefer and we’ll work it out)

4) Player Prep – loving how the players have been showing up, dressed and ready to play and learn and we’ve made some serious progress in our practices every time.

Field 6 – DOWN BELOW behind Twin Peaks Middle School – we’ll be running 2-3 batting stations to rotate the players through to get some fine tuning on their mechanics.
This is GREAT to do now and work on little things, one at a time, so we can get them crushing the ball and ready to take those skills to the field with live pitchers.
If your player can make it, please bring them at 4pm or 4:45 to run through with one of the two groups. You can text/email me and let me know.

Next main practice is Saturday @ 2pm on Field #2 – we will be going over SLIDING – have your player wear pants please and sliding shorts under if they have them!!!!

Thanks all, appreciate all the support and volunteering we have had. Some of you may have received Background Check emails this week – please fill them out as quickly as you can to get cleared.

Contact me anytime with questions,
Coach Mel


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