What will be the online casino of the future?

Posted by NativeCasinos on Jul 10 2020 at 02:00AM PDT

Which one of us is not interested in what the online casino will look like in the future? Game business specialists have long asked such a question, making rather interesting forecasts. Let’s have a look together with

  • Profit increase

Experts address the issue of profit. According to Technavio analysis, by 2020 in online gambling, profits will grow by about 11% annually.

Juniper Research analysts say that by 2021 online casinos will have a turnover of $ 1 trillion. Co-author of the study, Loren Foyer, notes that the lion’s share of the revenue will come from mobile casinos. She also claims that it is virtual reality and multichannel that will contribute to profit growth.

  • Virtual Reality – Successful Casino Chip

This technology is no longer unattainable. It is already actively used by many companies. And in the casino industry, VR is becoming particularly interesting. Indeed, then online players feel as if at a real table, fully feel the game and can even “communicate” with the dealer. During the game, a person clearly hears the characteristic rustling of cards or the operation of real devices.

But, you need to understand that casinos of the future are introducing expensive technology. As a result, the casino site becomes more resource-intensive, and rates can increase. True, these factors are worn out, if even for a second imagine how exciting gambling with VR will be.

  • Innovation in a modern casino

But that’s not all! New online casinos boast innovative solutions, namely: cryptocurrencies, blockchain, bitcoin and other deposit methods like best Interac online casino sites. And it is the latter that can become a universal means of payment. At least that’s what experts say.

Analysts also say that very soon the gadget will be the main tool for gambling. This is either a smartphone or tablet. Mobile companies will not stand aside but will begin to create their own development for gamblers. For example, ordinary roulette or classic slots can be replaced by completely new types of games with quest elements and much greater opportunities for players.


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