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1996 Films List

Posted by Patrick Dailey at Jun 3, 2001 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Click the Link Above! Masterpiece A+ (0) ***** - Excellent A (5) ****3/4 The English Patient ****1/2 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Evita Hamlet ****1/3 Secrets & Lies Very Good A- (15) **** - ***3/4 Breaking the Waves Angels & Insects Mission : Impossible Surviving Picasso Sling Blade ***1/2 City Hall When We Were Kings Primal Fear The Horseman on the Roof Big Night Lone Star Looking for Richard Jane Eyre The Crucible White Squall Good B+ (12) ***1/3 Fear Courage Under Fire Emma Get on the Bus Citizen Ruth Mother Night Bottle Rocket Girl 6 Star Trek : First Contact Mother Michael Collins Fargo B (13) *** The Mirror Has Two Faces Sunchaser The Portrait of a Lady The People Vs. Larry Flynt Marvin's Room Sleepers Romeo + Juliet Shine Kansas City The Ghost and the Darkness Executive Decision American Buffalo The Chamber Fair B- (8) **3/4 - **1/2 Trainspotting Before and After Jerry Maguire Muppet Treasure Island Extreme Measures Independence Day The Cable Guy Stealing Beauty Satisfactory C+ (5) **1/3 101 Dalmatians The Long Kiss Goodnight Tin Cup A Couch in New York The Proprietor Unsatisfactory C (5) ** Ghosts of Mississippi The Birdcage The First Wives Club A Time to Kill Ransom Poor C- (3) *3/4 Daylight Chain Reaction Mary Reilly Very Poor D+ (5) *1/2 Scream Eye for an Eye Mars Attacks! The Nutty Professor Broken Arrow Terrible D (3) *1/3 Twister Mr. Wrong My Fellow Americans Horrible D- (4) * Spy Hard Unforgettable Multiplicity The Juror Unwatchable F (6) No Stars Sgt. Bilko Up Close and Personal The Rock The Island of Dr. Moreau The Fan Mulholland Falls Total Films Seen - 84
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Batman History File

Posted by Patrick Dailey at Jun 1, 2001 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Live-Action Films
Batman (1989) - B / ***1/3
Batman Returns (1992) - B / ***1/3
Batman Forever (1995) - B+ / ***1/2
Batman & Robin (1997) -  F / -
Batman Begins (2005) - B+ / ***1/2

Animated Films
Batman : Mask of the Phantasm (1993)  A- / ***1/2
Batman Beyond : The Movie (DVD) (1999) B+ / ***1/2
Batman Beyond : Return of the Joker (DVD) (2000)  B+ / ***1/2
Batman : Subzero (VHS) (1998)  B+ / ***1/2
Batman & Superman : The Movie (VHS) (1998)  B / ***

Animated Series (FOX TV) (1992-Present)
Batman : The Animated Series
(Overall) -  A / ****
Feat of Clay, Part I...A-
Feat of Clay, Part II...B+
Heart of Ice...A-
It's Never Too Late...A
On Leather Wings...B
Cat and the Claw, Part I...A-
Cat and the Claw, Part II...A-
Joker's Favor...A-
Pretty Poison...A-
Nothing to Fear...A-
Be a Clown...B+
Appointment in Crime Alley...A-
The Clock King...A-
The Last Laugh...B+
Eternal Youth...B+
Two Face, Part I...A
Two Face, Part II...A-
The Fear of Victory...B+
I've Got Batman in My Basement...B+
Prophecy of Doom...A-
The Forgotten...A
Mad As a Hatter...B+
Perchance to Dream...A
Night of the Ninja...A-
The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne...A
Dreams in Darkness...A-
Beware of the Gray Ghost...A-
Cat Scratch Fever...B+
Almost Got'em...A-
Moon of the Wolf...B+
Terror in the Sky...A-
Christmas with The Joker...A-
Heart of Steel, Part I...B+
Heart of Steel, Part II...B+
If Your So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?...A-
Joker's Wild...A-
Off Balance...A
What is Reality?...A-
The Mechanic...B+
Harley and Ivy...B+
The Laughing Fish...A-
The Man Who Killed Batman...A-
Robin's Reckoning, Part I...A-
Robin's Reckoning, Part II...A-
Birds of a Feather...A-
Blind as a Bat...B+
Day of the Samurai...A-
See No Evil...B+
The Demon's Quest, Part I...A
The Demon's Quest, Part II...A-
Read My-Lips...B+
Fire From Olympus...A-
Shadow of the Bat, Part I...A
Shadow of the Bat, Part II...A-
Paging the Crime Doctor...A-

Batman & Robin : The Animated Series
(Overall) -  B+ / ***1/2
Batman Beyond
(Overall) -  B / ***