1992 Film Grades and Box Office Grosses:

Posted by Patrick Dailey on Jun 07 2001 at 05:00PM PDT
Click the Link Above! Masterpiece A+ (0) ***** - Excellent A (5) ****3/4 Howards End ****1/2 Malcolm X The Last of the Mohicans ****1/3 Husbands & Wives Glengarry Glen Ross Very Good A- (9) ***3/4 Reservoir Dogs The Player The Crying Game Unforgiven ***1/2 Chaplin Damage Mistress One False Move Hardboiled Good B+ (13) ***1/3 Bob Roberts Enchanted April The Lover Lorenzo's Oil Spotswood Thunderheart Passion Fish Indochine El Mariachi Scent of a Woman Baraka Where Angels Fear to Tread Mississippi Masala Good B (10) *** Aladdin A Few Good Men A League of Their Own Of Mice and Men Hoffa HouseSitter Death Becomes Her The Cutting Edge A River Runs Through It Sneakers Fair B- (5) **3/4 - **1/2 Night and the City Batman Returns Basic Instinct School Ties Alien 3 Satisfactory C+ (1) **1/3 Patriot Games Unsatisfactory C (1) ** 1492 : Conquest of Paradise Poor C- (5) *3/4 Far and Away Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York Beethoven Mr. Saturday Night The Babe Very Poor D+ (2) *1/2 The Bodyguard Memoirs of an Invisible Man Terrible D (2) *1/3 Bram Stoker's Dracula Once Upon a Crime Horrible D- (3) * Peter's Friends Shadows and Fog Stay Tuned Unwatchable F (1) No Stars Honey, I Blew Up the Baby Total # of Films Seen - 57


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