1994 Films List

Posted by Patrick Dailey on Jun 07 2001 at 05:00PM PDT
Click the Link Above! Masterpiece A+ (0) ***** - Excellent A (3) ****3/4 Ed Wood ****1/2 Natural Born Killers Pulp Fiction ****1/3 - Very Good A- (8) ***3/4 Quiz Show The Madness of King George Hoop Dreams Blue ***1/2 Red Heavenly Creatures The Paper Little Women Good B+ (18) ***1/3 White Bullets Over Broadway Four Weddings and a Funeral Immortal Beloved Tom & Viv Nobody's Fool Blue Sky Blue Chips The Hudsucker Proxy Love Affair Disclosure Mary Shelley's Frankstien The Shawshank Redemption The Client Clear and Present Danger Once Were Warriors Wolf Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Good B (5) *** The River Wild China Moon Speed Serial Mom Wyatt Earp Fair B- (6) **3/4 - **1/2 The Lion King Maverick Stargate No Escape Ready to Wear The Scout Satisfactory C+ (5) **1/3 True Lies Star Trek : Generations The Naked Gun 33 1/3 My Father, the Hero Renaissance Man Unsatisfactory C (2) ** City Slickers II : The Search for Curly's Gold Forrest Gump Poor C- (4) *3/4 Junior I Love Trouble Intersection Guarding Tess Very Poor D+ (4) *1/2 Ace Ventura : Pet Detective The Specialist The Getaway Threesome Terrible D (1) *1/3 Clifford Horrible D- (1) * Greedy Unwatchable F (0) No Stars - Total Films Seen - 57


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