Sponsors Needed !!!

Posted by MARK MARTIN on Apr 08 2011 at 05:00PM PDT

Sponsors are Needed for our 2011 Season!!

The DC Explosion is a non-profit organization that allows young men to give back to the community and continue playing that they love. As with all sports, expenses can grow quickly with success and normal daily operations. We are asking the community to help us as fans with donations of time, money and/or advice to help this organization grow. We are always willing to come out and support you in your needs and would love your support in our quest for a Championship. 

This year our fundraising goal is $10,000 dollars!! The team would like to replace our old jerseys and solidify transportation for the year.

How Can You Help Monetary Wise??

We Have Three levels of Sponsorships.

Gold- $500 or more ...will allow you recognition on our websites, announcements during ALL of our homegames as well as advertisements on our printouts. Also, you will be allowed to bring your own personal advertisements to our games.

Silver - $250 or more...will allow you to get recognitions on our printouts as well as an announcement during 2 of our homegames

Bronze- Less than $250....will allow you to be called out on our Mass announcement during a homegame of the teams choosing

 Anything will HELP!...If interested and not approached by a player already, please contact Mark Martin at or Charles McGriff at



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