RI Pitch, Hit, N’ Run results

Posted by Catherine White on May 25 2011 at 05:00PM PDT in 2019 Spring Season

On Saturday, May 21, South Kingstown Parks and Recreation Department advanced 30 local winners from the local Aquafina Pitch, Hit, N’ Run competition to McCoy Stadium for the state competition in softball and baseball.  The South Kingstown delegation represented themselves very well.    

McKenzie LaBoeuf lead the South Kingstown contingent (Girls 13/14) to a sweep of the Top 3 at the state competition.  Her score has also earned her the chance to go to Fenway Park for the sectionals on Saturday, June 4.  The other Top 2 finishers were Hannah Etter and Abby Duhamel respectively.  LaBoeuf won the individual hitting and running events while Etter won the pitching event with a perfect score.    

In the Boys’ 13/14 age division, Matt Gutelius placed 3rd in the overall standings and tied for the pitching crown with Chris Collins who finished 4th overall.    

Jessica Kazounis took 3rd place in the Girls’ 11/12 while Brendan Blessing followed suit in Boys’ 11/12.  Shane Jedson won the running event taking him to a 3rd place finish overall.  Molly White won the hitting event in Girls’ 7/8 which gave her a 4th place finish overall.  Jack Wentworth and Bo Brutti each had respectable showings finishing in the Top 12, with Bo capturing the running event.      

Others who represented South Kingstown were:

Age 7/8 Divisions: Andrew Sprague – Harrison Lurgio - J. Baker Murphy-Garies – and Courtney Essex
Age 9/10 Divisions: Colin Egan – Ryan Wilson – Charlotte Robbin – Mackenzie Essex – Catie Briggs – and Olivia Santucci
Age 11/12 Divisions: Thomas Whitford – Jason Fera – Asa Nyblom – Sarah Hackey – Madison Walker – and Cyan Pizarro
Age 13/14 Divisions: Tayler Beckman, Frankie Miller, and Emily Piers.


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