Fast Pitch Softball Equipment

Posted by Sean Deibler on Apr 04 2011 at 05:00PM PDT in 2019 Spring Season

If you are going to buy a new glove, please think about the players age and and the ball size. Majors and seniors use a 12" ball. Minors use an 11" ball.

Ages 7 to 10 should buy a glove that is an 10.5 to 12 inch*. Ages 10 to 13 should buy a glove that is 12 to 13.5 inches*. Remember that baseball gloves have a smaller pocket than softball gloves.

If you are going to buy a bat, again please think about the players age and size. The correct length* of a bat is found by having your athlete stand upright with her arms hanging straight down by her side. Rest a bat along side her arm, with the head of the bat on the ground. A good length bat should find the knob of the bat reaching between the middle of the palm of the hand and the wrist. If the bat reaches above the wrist, it is too long. If the bat reaches below the middle of the palm, it is too short.

The weight of the bat is determined by the length. Today's bats are mostly 11 ounce, 10 ounce and 9 ounce drops. For example, a bat that is a 10 ounce drop would have a length of 32 inches, and 22 ounces. An 11 ounce drop would be a 32 inch, and 21 ounce bat. The correct weight* of a bat is found by having your athlete stand upright, extend the left arm horizontally and hold the bat with the left hand (if she is right handed). If the bat or arm dips or sags, then the bat is too heavy for her.

It is better to buy a bat that is lighter than one that is heavier. A lighter bat will allow the player to generate more bat speed and hit the ball farther. Most High School players use bats that weigh 21 or 22 ounces.

*These are only guidelines, every player is different. Just remember to choose a bat or glove that fits properly. A bat or glove that is too big or too small will hinder the child's development.



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