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Posted by Michael Polikoff on Apr 17 2004 at 05:00PM PDT
6/19/2004 - Tomorrow is today! In what has a very emotional roller coaster season, the T-Bone Titans beat Access IT 7 to 2 and take the Pan-Continental Championship for the second straight year under manager Joel! After a good start to the 2004 season, the Titans had a 4 and 2 record and look very solid. But after two straight losses, the Titans faced limination from playoffs during the regular season. That was five weeks ago when coach Paul challenged the team and ask them if they really wanted to play ball in June for there would be no tomorrows if they lose. In that must win game and every must win game since then, they have played hard and smart and come up big. Before the championship game, the manager thanked the team for all their hard work and effort to get themselves to this game and reminded them that "Tomorrow Is Today!" - why they've been working so hard in the first place! read more... 6/12/2004 - T-Bone Titans Win the Eastern Division in Pan-Con League The final score against Louie Max was 17 to 5, avenging the only mercy the Titans suffered during the regular season. It was Louie Max who got on the scoreboard first with a run in the bottom of the first, but (as with previous games) the Titans took advantage of the opposing team's wildness and scored 7 runs in the top of the second. Their bats came alive in the third with a triple for Teddy with bases loaded followed by a double by Andrew D. and a double by Christian plating 5 more runs. read more... 6/5/2004 - Titan's Victory Sends them to the Divisional Championship The T-Bone Titans give up an early 6 run lead and rally back to win 12 to 8 against Eastside Luggage. The Titans took advantage of early wildness and scored six runs in the top of the second inning with Mitchell clearing the bases with a hit. But Eastside answered back with 2 in the third and 6 in the fourth to take a 8 to 7 lead. Just like last week the Titans again show a lot of spirit tying the game in the fifth and scoring four more in their last at bat to earn them the right to play Louie Max for the Eastern Division Title in Pan-Continental. read more... Marshals Beat Ben's 9-2 to Advance Against Budde French 06/05/2004 - It the first round of the playoffs the Marshals beat Ben's 9-2. Three Marshal pitchers, Jonathan R, Timmy H, and Brian S pitched nicely to combine for the win. The big hit of the game came in the 2nd inning for the Marshals when Jonathan R, hit a tremendous grand slam Home Run to left field to put the Marshals up 5-1. Timmy H had three hits and also hit a home run over the right field fence. In the 4th inning Marshals starting catcher Mike R, injured his thumb and Kentaro M came into catch the remainder of the game and did an outstanding job. read more...


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