Posted by Heather King on Mar 26 2006 at 04:00PM PST


S...Stressing value derived from playing the game fairly.
P...Promoting the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well-being of individual players.
O...Observing the rules and supporting your team.
R...Remembering that an athletic contest is only a game, not a battle.
T...Testing your modesty and your pride.
S...Showing cordial courtesy in establishing happy relationships       between visitors and hosts.
M...Maintaining good moral behavior and cooperation in dealing with others in game situations.
A...Accepting decisions as they are made without question.
N...Never forgetting that you and each spectator are representatives of that school and that individual conduct is a reflection of the school.
S...Setting a good example at all times by encouraging leadership of initiative and good judgement.
H...Having respect for officials and opponents, their decisions and their efforts.
I...Impressing upon persons attending games their responsibility for maintaining proper standards of conduct.
P...Playing hard and clean for the love of the game and being pleased and proud of your team no matter what the outcome of the game for the simple love of your school!!



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