Posted by Heather King on Mar 26 2006 at 04:00PM PST

Please be kind to our umpires. Be respectful to them and treat them like YOU would want to be treated! Thank You!

Umpires Poem:
Hey Blue!!!
Umps have a hard job, I really must say.
They put up with a lot of stuff every single day.
There are coaches who yell, and players who curse.
And how many times have you heard this verse?
"Coach, I'm warning you, you better not shout,
Or else I just might have to kick you right out!"
Then there were calls that could go either way,
And both of the coaches had a lot to say.
"Oh come on, Blue! What are you, blind?
To say she was safe, you must have lost your mind!"
 "Umpire! Umpire! How can you call that an out?
You better rethink that before I begin to shout!"
They put up with back talk from coaches and fans,
Especially those annoying ones who yell from the stands.
If the ump gets to a play one second too late,All the regular
phrases are yelled about a bad call that was made."Hey ump,
 would you like to borrow my glasses?""Didn't they teach you
anything during the umpire classes?"They get spit in their faces,
 and dirt on their shoes, All because of a call that made one team lose.
So the next time an umpire makes a slightly unfair call,
Think about what they go through, would you go through it all?



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